Cloud to cause paradigm shift and transform businesses: KPMG

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 08, 2011

cloud‘Cloud is set to cause paradigm shift and transform businesses’, stated a report released by KPMG titled ‘The Cloud- Changing the Business Ecosystem’. The report provides coverage of cloud, its impact on the industry and its role in the transformation of business ecosystems. The company suggests, there is a stronger need for organizations to improve efficiencies by using collaborative solutions and real time information exchange. The cloud could therefore be the next big thing with it gaining prominence during the recent credit crisis.

Speaking at the global launch of the report, Kumar Parakala, Head of IT Advisory, KPMG in India and EMA said, “Advanced economies and enterprises have been able to effectively combine technology and innovation to gain a competitive edge. Emerging leaders like India and China are leveraging demographics and technology. Increased adoption of the cloud could further strengthen their position to compete with the developed world and filling the economic and developmental void.”

The promise of the cloud possibly lies in the flexibility, scalability and cost benefits made available through the ‘as-a-service’ paradigm. The report further highlights the need of a strong cloud strategy for organizations to extract maximum benefit of migrating to the cloud. It also investigates the drivers and challenges for cloud adoption.

“It’s time for businesses to redefine their business models and business leaders to revisit their IT strategy to better reflect the changing role of the technology deployment”, said Pradeep Udhas, head of IT / ITeS sector, KPMG in India.

One of the focus areas of the report was the cloud’s impact on the industry sectors- Government, Healthcare, and Education. These sectors would benefit the most as the cloud provides them with the socio-economic reach that they lacked for decades. Similarly, the cloud promises to deliver better computing solutions to SMEs, enabling them to compete more effectively with larger organizations. The report also covers the Indian context together with the tax implications for providing and using cloud services.

“On the whole, the IT solutions and services industry could significantly change in order to accommodate this new service offering. Businesses have and would continue to adopt the cloud in order to stay ahead of the curve. The cloud is not just a passing phenomenon but a reality that has just begun to realize its potential”, added Nitin Khanapurkar, ED, advisory services, KPMG in India.