Cloud To Drive Mobile Messaging Innovation

by Wrik Sen    Aug 05, 2016

Aniketh Jain

Even though the internet dictates most of the communication channels today, especially between computers and personal smart devices, messaging on mobiles still remains one of the most pervasive forms of communication and audience targeting. In an exclusive interaction with CXO Today, Aniketh Jain, CEO and Co-founder of Solutions Infini, headquartered in Bangalore, speaks about how the company has been focused on bringing different innovations into mobile messaging, including value based offerings like cloud computing and the use of chatbots.

With communication technology becoming real time based and personalized, how do you see Solutions Infini services fitting in?  

Messaging is one independent category of activity which is the most reliable and also the fastest amongst real-time technologies currently. SMS has come in a long way and nobody has really been able to beat that for over a decade now. Earlier e-mail was more popular and most of the communications used to take place through e-mail, which has got some overlapping on the messages piece. At the moment, messaging is most common, but in the future everybody will get faster data services on their phone which would be more reliable and faster than the current technology and will be closer to real time as well.

Do you think bulk messaging works in today’s times, considering so many other methods?

Yes, it is effective if you are doing for your particular customer base, however for spamming, it does not prove to be effective. Messaging needs to be more niche, more detailed profiling done, and more personalized in content.

What are the latest technologies trending in the Industry? What are the game-changers?

We have seen few changes in the last six months. For e.g.: Banks are adopting bulk messaging services for their customers to inform them about the transactions and other updates from the banks, including offers, latest status, etc.

What is your opinion on Chatbot which some companies have been using?

Chatbots are known to be effective when a customer wants to initiate a conversation. This medium is opening up for various brands including financial and banking ones and their customers who are going to engage with them using the Chatbot system, but it may not get as much popularity as messaging and emails currently have.

How do you see the progress of Solutions Infini from the company and industry perspective?

Industry is growing massively and the volumes are increasing. As per our company perspective, we see our growth in this ever-expanding technology environment. Five years from now, this is going to be a focused game-changing technology area which we need to keep innovating on. To keep that innovation cycle going, we are looking to innovate on various areas which are most tech-savvy, like the cloud based technology which is a part of our offerings. 

How will cloud computing and artificial intelligence play a role?

Cloud computing is like a sleeping giant in India with so much yet to explore. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be the future of communication and a lot of communication will be seamless if AI is introduced in the future. AI with machine learning will evolve by reducing cost to the company with better experience for customers.

Which market segments provide for the growth of Solutions Infini and by how much?

Solutions Infini is focusing on the global market, currently 12 per cent of our revenue in from global business and this will increase to 50 per cent in the next 18months. Our focus markets are Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and South-East Asian ones like Malaysia, Thailand.