CMOs are now technologists

by Sharon Lobo    Jun 25, 2013


In this age of disruptive technology, every CXO is empowered to leverage technology to achieve their specific goals. For instance, today’s marketing technology has the power to provide CMOs with business insights and measurable results that historically have not been possible. From customer acquisition costs to customer lifetime value, as well as customer retention and marketing ROI, CMOs can now bring a true business view of marketing to the C-suite table.

So it is not surprising to say that CMOs are now technologists. They can crack the code and make marketing technology work for their organization.

Marketing teams cannot be at its best unless it excels at understanding and using the right technology the right way for the right results.
-Sheryl Pattek, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Additionally, today’s marketers who grew up in the creative development of marketing messages and communications face a new world order, where understanding the internal technology plumbing is as critical as understanding customer behavior.

These marketers understand the true potential of mobile marketing, as Alex Moukas, CEO, Velti explains “I think we are very close to the inflection point as marketers realize how they can use mobile in a way which also make sense to the consumers as well. Initially, marketers had the tendency to replicate the online model into mobile by using display ads and push SMS. A similar trend was seen when, marketers moved from print to online.”

At the end of it, it’s not a question of whether technology plays a role in marketing, it’s what role CMOs need to play in building the right technology infrastructure to drive their marketing success.