Cognos To Manage Performance Of Ramboll

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 27, 2006

Cognos has announced that Ramboll Group has selected it to improve consolidation, planning and reporting processes across the enterprise.

Ramboll would implement Cognos 8 BI, Cognos Planning and Cognos Controller. According to the company, it offers full-service consultancy and services in infrastructure, telecommunications, building, health, industry, oil/gas, energy, environment, IT, and management.

The group says that rapid growth based on development as well as mergers will result in a challenging planning and reporting environment and it needs a solution for gaining a better understanding of business performance.

After a comparison of reporting options, Cognos was selected to drive performance management. Ramboll maintains that it chose Cognos because it allows the organization to standardize consolidation, reporting and planning requirements on a single solution thereby allowing users to monitor and analyze business performance.

The Cognos Innovation Center for Performance Management provides key industry practical experience and consolidation best practices to Ramboll via customized workshops and visioning sessions.

“Currently, substantial effort is required to manually extract financial and operational data from legacy systems and databases and enter into spreadsheets for analysis and reporting,” said Sari Kaikkonen, Group CFO, Ramboll Group.

In the coming months, Ramboll deploys Cognos solutions that automates and streamlines reporting and planning processes. The initial deployment would roll to 400 employees.

“Our flexible performance management solution enables Ramboll to significantly reduce the time to create budgets, forecasts and reports, allowing the finance department to spend more resources on analyzing results and strategic initiatives,” said Dave Laverty, CMO & Sr. VP - Global Marketing, Cognos.