Coming Soon -- Window Shopping on Mobiles

by Manu Sharma    Jul 17, 2009

As customization and convenience has become increasingly important to customers, marketers are looking at effective means of using the mobile phone for advertising. Bay Talkitec has developed a ‘Mobile Video Yellow pages’ solution that allows users to view ads and get relevant information for smarter shopping.

With the roll out of 3G services in India, advertising on the mobile will soon come of age. As a test pilot, Bay Talkitec has given a proof of concept to MTNL in Mumbai.

Talking to CXOtoday, Anil Sabnis, SVP (business strategies) of Bay Talkitec said, "Our new offering will introduce the concept of ‘mobile window shopping’. The solution is based on a video portal model but involves SMS for easy access, 3G mobile for convenience, and video for content."

The company has created the new solution by using its SmartCall ADT, a development platform and the latest video enhancements to Dialogic HMP software for Linux and then deployed it using the SmartCall converged application platform. It provides a video gateway that connects SmartCall to the mobile network.

"Using a video call and video streaming on the TDM network rather than downloading the video saves 70% on each call," Sabnis said.

The Video Yellow pages has other interesting applications as well. It allows trade show attendees to review the offering of the exhibitors at the event from their homes or offices. Attendees simply send a SMS message with the exhibitor’s name or code to initiate a video push. They then see short videos that introduce the companies exhibiting at the show and their products and the videos are streamed free of charge at the exhibitor’s expense. Attendees can then plan their trade show visit efficiently at their leisure.

"This concept can be used successfully for almost any product or service. For consumers, this is ‘one-touch’ convenience wherein they don’t have to worry about GPRS, bandwidth, and phone memory," said Sabnis.