CommVault Taps Into Data To Woo The Enterprise

by Sandhya Malhotra    Mar 26, 2015


At a time when many organizations are experiencing an explosion of data from an ever growing variety of sources, they are looking at the customer data for deeper insights. In such a scenario information management and data protection provider has a bigger role to play. CommVault, a one of the growing player in this data back up space is looking to grow their business as organisations are looking at generating tons of data. As the data protection compliance is becoming a buzzword in verticals like banking, government, healthcare and IT/ITes, company like CommValut is gunning high to capture these opportunities.

Being present in India for last five years, the company faced a challenge to grow its revenue and right product positioning, despite the fact that analysts had rated CommValut solutions ahead of the competition. In the last five months, the company has got fairly a new sales team in India. It feels that the company is at the cusp of right time, and see lots of avenues to grow their base in India with its Simpana Software for protect, manage and access information.

The bread and butter of CommValut, is data protection and information management, but for last many years, this was a neglected area, the way customers used to look at. Now, people have started realizing that lots of data is residing in hardware, as a result data has been misused. Large companies are consolidating their IT into one architecture. Today, the need is to how fast data can be stored, what is the reliability of data backed up. Lastly, how one can reduce the back up and restore window from long hours to few minutes.

Ramesh Mamgain, country manager India & SAARC, CommVault Systems(India) told ChannelTimes, “Data is growing exponentially and with advent of technologies like cloud, virtualization, software defined network mobility and BYOD and a shared services model the need of Information management and data protection has become more critical for all the companies. With our customized solutions, we address the pain point of backup administration and with the new team in place, we are all geared up to go more deeper in the new areas like government and revamping our channel business at the same time. We want to grow our revenues at a phenomenal growth.”

“As more and more data-centers are driven by software’s and with IOT, M2M of things becoming more pervasive will put pressure on the companies to store and manage the data, where companies like us come into the play. We are at the cusp, these are very existing time for us from both Indian and global markets,” he said.

Today, everybody has to do back up and protect these data. In old good days, we used to have one primary, costly storage solutions from EMC and Hitachi. Today, we have SATA drives which are available for $250 per terabytes, earlier everything was getting stored in these big boxes be it current or stale data. In current scenario,most of the organisations are getting tiered storage, now within a box, you have flash, SAS and SATA drives. And the software which are their in the boxes is making data to store as per the data usage. As per the data management policy, the hot data is stored in costlier storage solutions like Flash, and rest of the data is archived on cheaper solutions like SATA drives.

Globally, CommValut has solutions and customers base cut across the vertical. The major spenders of data protection and information managements are telcos, IT/ITes, health, BFSI, he said.

“As compliance is becoming a buzzword in these verticals, most of the CIOs are becoming critical and particular for compliance. Apart from this, the other opportunities come to us is today most of the organisations back up infrastructure is fragmented, in terms of they don’t have one solution to managing the back up there data. Over the time, there have been several point-products companies come up like for providing niche solutions. Now you go to any large organisations there would be 3-4 data back-up vendors likes EMC, Symantec, HP, IBM, Commvalut, and other point products.

“Today, most of CIOs are confused, as they want to consolidate the data back. We are the only player, who have software solutions with one code, which can do all the function through single software. EMC and Symantec have point products acquired companies, but the do not talk to each other, while in our case, we have in-house developed products,” he explained.

CommValut is also taking a re-look into its channel business, which was earlier more focused on transactional nature. With new team coming in place, the company will have revised focus on its channel alliance. The company has also hired many of its sales people from its one of the close competitors, Symantec and it is will also trying to align its tier II partners with the existing partners of Symantec at the moment.