Comodo Enhances it Certificate Manager Software

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 16, 2009

Enterprises have hundreds, or even thousands, of SSL certificates installed across their global networks. Such large and distributed deployments worry managers with the immense task of administering this important layer of security. Therefore to enable internal networks and certificates to be inventoried, recording all accessible SSL/TLS certificates, regardless of issuing CA, Comodo Certificate Manager has been enhanced with Comodo Discovery Agent.

Comodo Certificate Manager systematically records the details of all corporate certificates, allowing network security professionals to see at a glance how they can optimize their digital certificate use, and prevent unmanaged certificates from expiring. It also helps IT staffs to effectively administer large distributed certificate deployments. Certificate Discovery scans IP networks using Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) to collect and register any type or brand of SSL certificate.

With Comodo Certificate Manager, IT professionals can instantly create a comprehensive view of their digital certificate deployments, and can have notifications sent to them in advance of any certificate expiration. Comodo significantly reduces the challenge of PKI certificate management, making certificate management easy, and saving time and money.
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