Companies should choose social media platforms carefully

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 20, 2013

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Most brands nowadays are investing a sizeable portion of their budget on social media. This is mainly because audiences are increasingly spending time and attention on social media. So, brands need to present in whatever audiences are engaging in.

Most of the big brand such as Apple, IBM, Google are spending on social media. Brands that don’t take this initiative are losing out a chance at engagement with potential customers that their competitors might seize. And then there are brands that have managed to completely revive their images through social media platforms. Choosing the right social media platform which represents a brand is also of utmost importance.

According to Business Insider, analysis has been done on a new new report from BI Intelligence, on how bands need to capitalize on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram and explore the benefits obtained from each platform. Along with that another report which focuses on specific platform-native social media strategy might be the right fit for a particular brand or business.

The findings of the report are as follows:

Brand activity of social media influences customers

There have been lots of reports on how social media impacts people and influences their buying decisions but there is such such statistical data to prove to what extent social media influence decision making. A study conducted annually has shown that fans of social media brands spend more that non-fans. Almost 70 percent people say that Pinterest influences their decision to buy products. Most brands with a smart social media strategy will reap the benefits in the long term.

Fortune 500 companies have already have their priorities right

Most companies already have an active Facebook page and it is generally considered the go-to place for social media presence. However, Twitter is fast outpacing Facebook in this respect. 73 percent of Fortune 500 companies had active corporate Twitter accounts, 66 percent have corporate Facebook accounts, and 62 percent have corporate YouTube accounts. 2 percent of Fortune 500 companies now have Pinterest accounts. Despite the numbers of Pinterest being small its catching up to the other big players since its still a a young company.

Companies must choose their social media platform carefully

Most companies have active Facebook and Twitter pages but what most companies don’t understand is that they may have specific attributes and characteristics that may not suit the platform. Companies should choose the platform on the basis of what they are trying to establish. It’s not necessary that all companies need to focus on Facebook, Twitter to engage audiences, they can also utilize their resources on one of two platforms best suited to them.

Not all platforms suit all brands

Companies need to understand that putting across information all social media platform may not attract the kind of audiences they want. They should only choose the platform on the basis of what they are trying to achieve. Many small and medium enterprises believe they need to have social media presence across all platforms but often this cause more harm than good. Companies need to invest in one or two platforms and utilize them.