Companies, vendors gear up to secure cyber space

by Sohini Bagchi    Feb 22, 2013

cyber security vendors

With the recent hacking attacks on hardware, software and Internet content of several large organizations across the world, everyone is eyeing the cyber security space. While governments and enterprises across the globe are trying out newer ways to secure their networks and systems, internet security firms are also seeing goldmines in the cyber security market.

Solutions to combat cyber threats
Kaspersky Lab for example recently released its new generation of business security solutions - Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – that is designed to deliver deeper protection and seamless manageability to IT departments. “CIOs not only face sophisticated malware targeting businesses on a daily basis, but also grapple with the complexities that arise due to bring your own devices (BYOD) and other mobility trends,” says Petr Merkulov, Chief Product Officer, Kaspersky Lab. Keeping these challenges, the new solution has been designed with a number of improved technologies that allow IT administrators to see, control, and protect their network. These features include mobile security and device management, data encryption, endpoint control tools, systems management, and anti-malware.

Similarly, IT security firm Symantec believes that conflicts between nations, organizations, and individuals will play a key role in the cyber world in 2013 and beyond. Particularly concerned about the security threats small business CIOs face, Symantec has come up with its Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 very recently that offers simple, fast and effective protection against viruses and malware. Last week, Symantec also released new updates to its Website Security Solutions portfolio including new multi-algorithm security certificates. Anand Naik, Director - Technology Sales - India & SAARC at Symantec informs that in the next few months, the company is bringing security solutions for specific industries such as defense, chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing, which he believes are the most critical industries for cyber attacks.

Other security vendors such as Trend Micro, Checkpoint and McAfee are also gearing up with to help businesses overcome the latest challenges in managing a secure, efficient network with the latest solutions.

Newer ways to combat threat
“Besides installing high end security solutions from trusted vendors, it is important for organizations to use innovative ways to combat new cyber threats,” believes Lawrence Orans, Research Director, Gartner Inc. The European Police Congress for example is focusing on cyberspace security by using social networks to track down criminals.

Oran recommends enterprises to have a robust business continuity strategy in place to avoid newer security threats .CSOs should review their company’s existing social media policy to ensure employees are not compromising company data security through their personal accounts. At the same time, he states that security vendors should ensure firewalls and intrusion prevention systems are extended to protect against social phishing. “A layered, multi-pronged approach to security is crucial for enterprises to secure their critical assets,” he states .

“We’ve entered the age of high-profile targeted attacks, with sophisticated espionage tools becoming widespread. Cyber-espionage is becoming the most serious threat there is for businesses, and just about any enterprise can be attacked, regardless of its size or market share. Every decision-maker should keep all these in mind when building a company’s IT security infrastructure,” advices Eugene Kaspersky, chairman, CEO and co-Founder, Kaspersky Lab.

Howard A. Schmidt, Former Cybersecurity Coordinator for President Barack Obama believes that although organizations should take up adequate precaution to protect their cyber security space, they should understand that the issue it has to dealt at a global level. According to him, the government and the private sector companies should learn to deal with the risks in cyberspace collectively by realizing the full benefits of the cyberspace. Collaboration with different governments and businesses across the globe which is already underway has to be further strengthened to achieve this objective.