Computer For Rural Segment

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 30, 2006

Known chipmaker VIA Technologies has collaborated with the Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology (KReSIT), IIT Bombay to jointly develop rugged low power consuming personal computers for rural India and other countries.

There is a need to develop computers that consume lesser electricity and are designed to withstand heat, dust and consume less power - problems common in rural India, to reach nearly 70% of Indian consumers, opined Wenchi Chen, president and CEO, VIA Technologies.

An affordable computing lab, set up by VIA a couple of years ago at IIT has developed low cost computers which can work on low power consumption and are suited to Indian rugged conditions.

The company also has a PC-1 initiative to develop personal computers and advanced server appliances, which will include developing mesh networking technologies.

“VIA has also introduced a PC reference design called the VIA pc-1, a Power Heat Dust (PHD) appliance which will not require a fan, for conditions where the power supply is poor,” Chen added.

“IIT Mumbai is already working on simpler and affordable computing devices including affordable lap tops. Affordable computing does not mean compromise on quality as using TFT or LCD monitor, though costlier than the normal monitor, makes computing affordable in long term as it consumes less power,” said Deepak Pathak, Head - faculty research, KReSIT.