Connected Clients Growing: IDC

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 20, 2006

Connected Clients are rapidly emerging as a viable answer to current global IT management challenges, says a new IDC whitepaper sponsored by VIA. VIA is a primary platform provider to this market that will help drive clients into mainstream enterprise.

Connected Clients are computing devices to leverage infrastructure and security benefits of server-based SaaS architecture for enabling application execution and office productivity without legacy PC technologies like hard drives.

While the majority of the market comprises traditional desktop thin clients, innovative devices that reflect this philosophy include ultra-mobile PCs, diskless PCs and mobile clients, such as new notebook-style clients from Citrix, DevonIT, Hitachi and Neoware, adds the study.

Bob O’Donnell, program VP - clients & displays, IDC notes that worldwide thin client shipments in 2005 exceeds 2.3 million units, that represents growth of 42% over the prior year, with market size expected to reach over 6 million units by 2010.

“Connected client devices are ideally suited for server-based applications because they provide enough computing horsepower to provide a quality experience, while at the same time, offering a simple, easily manageable footprint,” adds O’Donnell.

A silicon provider to the Connected Client category, VIA offers a complete range of processor platform solutions, providing manufacturers and SIs with design flexibility and performance plus an array of features and options that includes x86 security, dual monitor support, connectivity including wireless support and network bandwidth, that enables ultra-compact, portable form factors and quiet computing.