Consumerization, not cost savings, driver of cloud adoption

by CXOtoday staff    Dec 08, 2011

Cloud service providers have always touted cost savings in their sales pitches as the biggest driver for the adoption of the cloud. The finding of a recently released report tells us that it might not be the case so.

A study conducted by TNS, an independent research company, and funded by CSC found that the growing demand for multi-device access, better know as consumerization of IT, has emerged as the primary driver for adopting the cloud model.

β€œIT decision makers around the globe found that the shift to cloud computing is driven primarily by a desire to connect employees through the multitude of computing devices in use today,” said the survey.

One third of the respondents cited accessibility to information through multiple devices as the most important reason for their decision to adopt cloud computing.

The global survey saw 3,645 IT decision makers responding on cloud computing usage trends.

Accelerating the speed of business, with 21 percent responses emerged as the second key driver for the cloud. Only17 percent of IT decision makers said that they moved to the cloud to save money.

The survey found that the environmental credentials of cloud computing had been a key motivator, with 64 percent saying that the technology had helped them slash waste and reduce energy consumption.

Other findings of the study showed that few organizations downsized their IT after cloud adoption, with only 14 percent of companies shrinking their IT departments after adopting cloud while 20 percent of the organizations hired more cloud experts.

Nearly 95 percent of surveyed users also said that cloud computing improved the way they managed data while 80 percent of respondents saw improvements within six months of transitioning into the cloud.