Content Digitalization Picks Up in India

by Prabhu Ram    Feb 06, 2009

Publishers in India are actively digitalizing content as they offer many advantages over the traditional print medium. "Digitalized content allows publishers to distribute their content globally over the Internet, enable ‘pay per print’ model, and also better control over their end-to-end commercial management," said Ravi Singh, CEO of MPS Technologies, an online publishing firm.

The current work place demands more expertise and innovation, hence necessitates the need for constant updates on information and knowledge, from research papers, magazine, journals, etc. Digitalizing content can benefit both publishers and users, as they offer flexibility of management, and can also provide IP through protected and secured channels.

Springer, an innovation in technology, helps publishers to track the geographical location of the reader. The use of digital content, according to Singh, will make publishers come closer to their readers and thus enable them (publishers) to offer better service.

Indian e-publishing industry will grow at 35 % year-on-year and is estimated to be worth $1.46 billion by 2010, said a report by the research firm Valuenotes. The industry currently employs 30,000 and will employ 74,000 people by 2010.

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