Converged data center market will continue to mature: CA Technologies

by Sohini Bagchi    Mar 12, 2013

 Sunil Mangalore

For most organizations, the data center represents the heart of their technology infrastructure. However, on many occasions, this data center is underutilized and inefficient. In fact, today enterprise data centers are facing challenges in the areas of power, cooling and space, apart from budgetary constraints — prompting CIOs and data center managers to rethink their data center strategy.

In an exclusive interaction with CXOtoday, Sunil Manglore, MD, CA Technologies, India explains that transition to a converged data center infrastructure that essentially combines storage, server, and networking resources into a single platform is helping enterprises overcome the various data center infrastructure challenges.

CA Technologies announced its converged infrastructure solution as an integral part of its services portfolio in October 2012. Following the release, the company has been banking on its converged platform for growth and revenue in India and sees tremendous potential in this space in the next one year.

According to Manglore, converged data center enables organizations to save on both capital and operational expenses without compromising on performance and reliability. Speaking specifically about the Indian market, Manglore states that in the past couple of months there has been a substantial rise in converged data center in the Indian enterprises, especially in industries such as telecom, banking, manufacturing and industrial. Going forward, he believes that an increased number of CIOs across niche sectors will also consider this technology as an important IT investment.

Manglore states that the key to converged data center is virtualization. Companies are realizing that virtualization of storage, server and network resulting in data center consolidation can help them reduce the cost and complexity that comes with fragmented facilities.

Of the various cost benefits of converged data center, energy cost savings is the most obvious one because less energy is used to run the same workload in a virtualized environment, believes Manglore. Along with cost savings, convergence can enhance the responsiveness of the IT department, making internal operations more efficient.

About CA Technologie’s roadmap for the Indian market in the converged data center space in 2013-14, Manglore says the company is extremely bullish about bringing new offerings that can help enterprises align IT projects with their business objectives.

One of the key focuses will be to popularize the concept in the mid-market segment as convergence can help these firms save tremendous cost and improve efficiency. The company is also working with IT service partners globally and in India to strengthen this space.

He also believes that with the growing adoption of mobile and social technologies in organizations and increased shift towards cloud deployment, converged data center solutions will become even more sophisticated. “The converged data center market will continue to mature and we will keep innovating in this fast growing market,” states Manglore.