Corporate budgets to be major road block for big data

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jan 02, 2013

Big data
In a study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research, in the next three years, more than 80% of the enterprises surveyed plan to incorporate unstructured data into their enterprise insights, processes and strategy. This is big for the world of big data. But will it see more traction and consumption in 2013?
But what will perhaps be its biggest hurdle is cost. According to InformationWeek, budget will be a major roadblock for many enterprises. It reported that Rainstor, a big data solutions provider, believes that budget woes will be the biggest hindrance for organizations hoping to solve their data-related challenges.
It also stated that data warehouses will also become extinct. Pervasive Softwares, a data management and analytics company, foresees gloom and doom for the existing data warehouses, it reported.
The website quoted Hortonworks president Herb Cunitz’s blog saying the term “big data” will be history. “As Apache Hadoop has evolved, it has become a standard platform for this new world and by the end of 2013, the ‘big’ moniker will no longer be necessary… It is all just data, after all. Big data and all the predictions for this space will collapse into data management by the analysts and all those following, including a lot of the ‘big’ vendors.”
Big data will become mainstream. According to IT services provider ICC, big data in 2013 will not only go mainstream, it’ll also overcome skeptics and bring the power of analytics to common folks,” according to the report.
“Technology advances in hardware and software have converged to allow average business folks to begin asking questions against the mountain of data once thought impossible to analyze if for no other reason than its sheer size,” said Jim Gallo, ICC’s national director of business analytics, in a statement.