Creative Crowdsourcing: The advantage of disruption

by Sitashwa Srivastava    Feb 01, 2011

Creative Crowdsourcing Co-authored by Manik Kinra

A disruptive innovation is something that is radical in nature and is represented by a technological discontinuity of the concept. For instance Pagers were replaced with mobile phones and so on. Disruptive innovation improves the value of the existing product, or service paradigms along dimensions that match or exceed customer satisfaction.

The concept of crowdsourcing comes naturally to processes where people’s opinions and new ideas matter. India has more than 8,000 creative agencies and over 45,000 creative professionals therefore, it is not difficult to theorize that creative work lends itself beautifully to crowdsourcing. Moving a step ahead, this paper discusses the process of implementing creative crowdsourcing and its outcome.


For small and medium businesses and similar non-profit organizations (public as well as private), the creative services ecosystem suffers with 3 major impediments:

1. Sourcing creative work is not easy. There is so much subjectivity in creativity that it is difficult to identify the best people to churn out adverts or brochures or web campaigns for you.
2. There is always a cost-quality tussle. “Pay more and get better results” is the way most business is perceived. This leads to low budget campaigns (for SMEs) not creative enough to have an impact.
3. For agencies and creative folks, it takes years and a large number of campaigns to prove their mettle. They are actually reducing the overall number of people who can deliver creative work in the industry by hiring and relying on a small team instead of leveraging the abundant creative available. Jade Magnet in fact, creates job opportunities for the creatives who would otherwise look for a different alternative and eventually give up on their creativity.

Crowdsourcing helps address these issues and more. Read on (refer to the attached white paper).

Sitashwa Srivastava is the co-founder & CEO of Jade Magnet, an end-to-end creative marketing communication for small budget clients using a crowdsourcing platform and is responsible for building the ecosystem of providers and account managers. He can be reached at

Manik Kinra is the co-founder & CMO at Jade Magnet and is responsible for managing client acquisitions and marketing. He can be reached at

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