CXOToday’s Top 16 Tech Stories Of 2016

by Sohini Bagchi    Dec 30, 2016

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“Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born” - Alan Kay (Computer Scientist)

It has been an eventful 12 months and so much has happened in the technology universe. The much awaited Samsung smartphones exploded, Facebook became entangled in a fake news controversy, Yahoo unearthed several mega-breaches [and finally got acquired], and the world went crazy over the mobile game of Pokémon Go. These are things well known, but the tech galaxy is much beyond that and we, at CXOtoday, always present before you limitless possibilities of technologies and trends that touch our lives, enrich business productivity, create leaders of tomorrow and help decision makers solve their many business dilemmas.

This year, our technology coverage was dictated by cloud, social and mobility, as well as captured new trends such as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data analytics and the Internet of Things. Major tech happenings such as key tech acquisitions, cyber security breaches, gender diversity taking a center stage, the IT ‘dilemma’ around Brexit and the US elections have also been analyzed.

Back home in India, we also explored where Digital India is heading, entry of Reliance Jio and how it disrupted the telecom sector as well as how new technologies like artificial intelligence,  and big data are changing the entire business landscape.

So, what are you waiting for? Read to know more about the 16 exciting news and happenings of 2016 as featured on CXOtoday.

Will Reliance Jio Do To Data What R-Com Did To Voice?


Mukesh Ambani launched Reliance 501 in July 2003, a scheme that allowed the poorest of the poor to own a CDMA cell phone with free calls till they exhausted the 500 rupees worth of currency that the company gave along with a free handset. It was a watershed moment for the Indian cellphone industry, which had been built on that big myth that cellphones were meant for the privileged few who needed it or had the money to show it off. Cut to circa 2016. Once again Mukesh Ambani is making waves. This time round, he is launching Reliance Jio, the pan-India provider of mobile telephony, broadband services and digital services using LTE technology. Will Mukesh and his brand Reliance Jio recreate the magic again? [Read the full story here]

Ten Disastrous Tech M&As Of All Time

tech split

Marriages, they say, are made in heaven. Corporate mergers are made in boardrooms. However, both have a tendency of going sour sooner than later, though in marriages the chances of a rapprochement are heightened due to the fact that only two minds are involved. The IT industry has seen several mega mergers over the past decade-and-half. All were announced with a lot of fanfare and many went through tough times thereafter, despite the very valid reasons that brought them together initially - more business, more profits and better technology. Here are some of the biggest tech mergers and acquisitions in the history of technology that ended in failure. [Read the full story here]

Top 12 Strategic Tech Acquisitions In 2016


The IT industry saw some of the biggest and notable acquisitions this year that will impact the entire technology ecosystem. Microsoft finally closed the acquisition of social networking platform LinkedIn for approximately $26 billion deal.  Big purchases in 2016 haven’t stopped there. In the largest technology merger in history, Dell (now Dell Technologies) completed acquisition of EMC Corp for its $67 billion to become a one-stop shop for IT solutions. Among others, Verizon’s purchase of Yahoo for $4.8 billion US, Oracle buying cloud vendor NetSuite for $9.3 billion and Avast’s purchase of AVG for $1.3 made headlines this year. [Read the full story here]

Six Biggest Technology Failures Of 2016

tech fail

Every year-end brings to focus the failures [along with successes] in the world of technology and 2016 too had its fair share of both, albeit with some major surprises. While some of the technologies and tech trends became a runaway hit, some others did fall short of expectations. From Samsung Galaxy Note 7 going up on flames to fake news and abuse on social media - there were quite a few odds to recall. CXOtoday brings out a list of what didn’t in the year that’s just about to end, paving way for a new world that’s expected to dawn in 2017. [Read the full story here]

What the Future Holds For Recruitment Technologies


From traditional face to face interviews, recruiters have gone after innovative technologies to track applicants with a view to speed up the entire process while making it efficient. However, amidst all this brouhaha, HR thought leaders continue to believe that technology hasn’t really achieved success to ensure the ‘right’ hire for the recruiter. Of course, this immediately begs the question: How does one define the right hire? What are the parameters that enterprises set, both in terms of the job description, the package or even key result areas of the specific roles for which hiring is conducted. Finally, van the new world of automation change all of that? [Read the full story here]

Cloud To Make Robots Cheaper And Smarter

cloud robot

Cloud robotics is gaining significant momentum in recent times. Experts believe increasing investments in cloud-based technology will fuel innovations in the robotics sector, which in turn can have a profound impact on the enterprise – leading to cutting edge innovation and increased efficiency at a much lower cost. Simply put, cloud robotics is about empowering a robot to work beyond its physical ability, or as Ken Goldberg, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, defines it: Cloud robotics as a new way of thinking about robots.  [Read the full story here]

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Transform India


As India gets to celebrate its 70th Independence Day, it has several challenges ahead that need attention, and for the nation that it aspires to be, some of these areas need to be urgently rectified. Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is changing the world, is slowly making its presence felt in India, and could well be the solution to a large number of problems India lives with. From public distribution system, to affordable healthcare and efficient power systems, AI can be a game changer in transforming lives of the citizens. [Read the full story here]

Why Gender Diversity Matters In Organizational Success


While Gender diversity is considered to be an essential component of organizational success, women are still not seen in large numbers at the senior level positions. In an exclusive video interaction with CXO Today, Eileen O’ Mara, Senior Vice President –Customer Sales, Salesforce emphasizes on the open and transparent discussion and structural programs to encourage and support women to take up senior roles in organizations. [Read the full story here]

Why “Men Matter” In Driving Tech’s Gender Diversity


While many technology companies across the world are making gradual progress to bridge the gender gap, gender equality still remains an issue in the technology industry. However, it is no longer a women’s issue, as companies are also realizing the need to have more men as advocates for diversity. Bringing men into the conversation of diversity is in a company’s best interest and is paramount to creating equality in business leadership, believe experts. [Read the full story here]

How Do We Solve A Problem Like Cloud Integration?


The cloud has quickly become a mainstay in IT departments, with various research reports stating a huge chunk of businesses using cloud technology in some form or another. However, industry experts believe that cloud integration remains as a key barrier to the adoption of cloud services. Nonetheless, integration challenges are not new in the history of cloud computing, as experts opine that businesses who ride out the current storm and find the right balance of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions will gain a unique advantage over the competitors. [Read the full story here]

Brexit: A Mixed Bag For Indian IT Sector


The United Kingdom, Europe and the world has just woken up to a new reality. As Britain gets ready to exit from the European Union, tech organizations across the world and also in India - that contribute a chunk to the EU - have begun to get anxious on what lies ahead? While this is just the beginning of the process and too early to be understood, analysts forecast its wider implications for IT industry in India. [Read the full story here]


Exclusive: Guy Kawasaki On How CIOs Can Stay Relevant

guy kawasaki

In an exclusive video interaction with CXOtoday, Guy Kawasaki, author and entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, USA and former chief evangelist at Apple talks about entrepreneurs, storytelling and leadership. He talks about his “Apple time” and his journey from a “jewelry salesman” into hi-tech Mac-evangelist and more. Kawasaki, now Chief Evangelist at Canva also offered tips for CIOs on how to embrace new technologies in this new digital age. [Read the full story here]


Driverless Cars Yet To Clear Roadblocks


Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars have already hit the roads in the US and is expected to witness a massive adoption in the rest of the world in the near future. While tech giants are touting several economic benefits of driverless cars, they are probably not addressing some of the crucial road blocks coming in the way of the autonomous technology. The ethical, legal dilemma with driverless cars continues to be the major obstacle which must be solved before they hit the road. [Read the full story here]

Here Are India’s 8 Most Promising IT Parks


India’s success in the Information Technology domain is phenomenal. The country’s IT talent has not only got a global recognition but also attracted several MNCs to invest in the country. Needless to say, IT parks have played very crucial role in the growth of software business and are the most promising workplaces for their state of the art infrastructure, world class working conditions and amenities. Here are some of the world class IT parks in India, driving the billion dollars transactions and keeping its employees happy. [Read the full story here]

Digital Payment Raising Cyber Threats In India


While Indians continue to deal with the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes - an unprecedented move by the Indian government to curb Black money and corruption, making digital payment a supreme means of currency transactions, cyber threats continue to pose a big issue in the digital ecosystem. As cyber criminals are targeting online payment platforms, it becomes critical both for users and digital payment providers to maintain a high level security posture to safeguard themselves from this menace. [Read the full story here]

2017 To Be The Year Of ‘Smarter’ DevOps


DevOps, the methodology that focuses on collaboration between software developers and operationally-focused IT professionals, is increasingly becoming a key business enabler. At the recent CA World 2016, CA Technologies’ annual flagship event held at Las Vegas, Richard Gerdis, ‎VP-Solution Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan for CA Technologies, tells CXOtoday why DevOps is the next big thing in IT and Despite the momentum, why so many DevOps projects fail. [Read the full story here]

Why Smart Wearables Need To Smarten Up In 2017


Smart wearables, that were once considered the decade’s most promising technologies, have begun to lose steam. Recent reports suggest that many users have started abandoning these devices stating that they are priced too high, given their perceived usefulness. Besides price factor, privacy, security, and the lack of consistent information from such devices are among consumers’ main apprehensions with this mushrooming category. So would smart wearables, like many other technologies, fade in thin air or they need to find some way to deliver and survive? [Read the full story here]

So, that’s about 2016’s Top 16 tech stories. As technology is moving at a faster pace than ever before, and as we look ahead to 2017, watch out newer technologies and companies disrupting the old world order, more acquisitions, successes and failures in the tech world and more and more innovative ways to solve tech business challenges.

On that note, CXOtoday Wishes Its Readers A Very Happy and Prosperous 2017.