Cyber attacks have moved to political & nationalistic stage: Websense 2010 Threat Report

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 10, 2010

cyber crimeWebsense 2010 Threat Report illustrates, the latest tactics pertaining to web threats and cyber attacks have now moved to a political—and nationalistic—stage. Modern blended threats such as Aurora, Stuxnet, and Zeus infiltrate organizations through a variety of coordinated tactics, usually a combination of two or more, suggests the analysis conducted by Websense Security Labs researchers. Websense (NASDAQ: WBSN) is unified web security, data security and email security solutions.

“The continued rise of organized cybercriminal gangs and the emergence of targeted advanced malware threats are the most concerning trend we’ve seen,” observed Dan Hubbard, CTO, Websense.

According to the report, the 2010 evidence and metrics suggest that cybercriminals and their blended attacks are having a field day taking advantage of security gaps left open by legacy technologies like firewalls, antivirus, and simple URL blockers.

“Security needs to move ahead of the attackers and focus on contextual classification in order to thwart them. Simple binary access controls and castle and moat security will not solve the complex attacks we see today,” Hubbard further suggested.

The report showcased that threats are now also script-based attacks and are embedded in rich media like Flash, and many spread rapidly on the social Web. Filters provide zero security for threats delivered via top “legitimate” websites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube, where 80 percent of Web traffic goes. In 2010, cybercriminals adapted their strategies to address the social websites and sites with dynamic user-generated content. The majority of attacks in 2010 focused on the same thing: stealing data, stated the report.

“To protect against today’s blended and sophisticated threats, companies need to plug the spaces left by a scattershot spraying of point solutions and move to a unified security architecture that protects their content,” remarked Devin Redmond, VP of Business Development, Product Management and Marketing, Websense.

The Websense Security Labs report also predicts threat trends for 2011, which includes an analysis of future blended threats, terrorism, and data loss over the dynamic Web that demonstrate the potential for targeted 2011 cyberterrorism attacks.