Cyber Crime is a Threat to National Security

by Sharon Lobo    Jan 18, 2010

Cyber crime has evolved significantly and is no longer just a threat to industry and individuals, but increasingly to national security. Yogi Mistry, Senior Vice President, Narus, explains how the threat landscape is changing and how Narus’ products enable telecom operators to protect and manage their IP networks

Could you give us an overview of Narus’ operations in India?

Narus’ India operations consist of software engineering, quality assurance, professional services, support and finance. We announced the opening of our New Delhi office in 2008 and since then Narus’ India operations have seen a 50 percent increase in staff, and the company plans another 30 percent increase in headcount in the coming year to keep up with its growing backlog of business in this region. We have continued 2009 momentum with recognition for excellence in R&D in security services for the telecom industry with an INFOCOM CMAI National Telecom Award.

What are the various solutions you provide for IP networks in India?

NarusInsight, a real-time traffic intelligence system, is our flagship product. It offers highly customizable and extensible monitoring capabilities, powerful analytics and increased system performance. Apart from NarusInsight, Narus provides the following solutions:

  1. Cyber Protection - a network security and attack mitigation solution for real-time identification and mitigation of any unwanted, unwarranted or malicious traffic
  2. Intercept - an intercept and surveillance solution for real-time precision targeting of any type of IP traffic
  3. Traffic Management - a real-time IP traffic (such as gray VoIP) detection, analysis and mitigation solution
  4. Toolkits - easy to use tool kits allowing businesses to create traffic intelligence solutions based on user-defined rules and classifiers

Tell us more about cyberwarfare and threat it poses to Indian IP networks?

Enhancing cyber security is very important to protect businesses, governments and general public. Cyber crime has evolved significantly and is no longer just a threat to industry and individuals, but increasingly to national security. It was reported that about 10 Indian government ministry websites were targets of cyber attacks in the last one year, the problem is real time. With the increase in cyber attacks over the last few years, Government of India has stepped up its efforts and has been taking actions to improve the security system.

According to a recent report, Trend Micro 2010 Future Threat Report, Online Social networks, new and possibly landscape-changing technologies from application to infrastructure level-like cloud computing, IPv6, and virtualization, are expanding the playing field of cyber criminals.

All of us are still exposed to security breaches and identity thefts of different types. India’s telecom markets are growing quickly, and the government has recognized a need to put in place its own lawful intercept regulation. As a result, carriers in India are simultaneously looking to meet government mandates and secure their networks by implementing a system that provides a total network view to meet both intercept and security needs.

How does Narus’ real-time traffic intelligence protect and manage IP networks?

NarusInsight has proven to be a powerful solution in meeting the requirements of the Indian market, and is already used by Indian service providers and government agencies to protect and manage their large, complex IP networks. Beginning with ubiquitous collection directly from network links or from existing network elements such as routers and firewalls, and moving through a massively scalable processing engine, NarusInsight has the ability to simultaneously provide deep-packet analysis, full session reconstruction and traffic correlation across every link and every element on the network.

Regardless of the consuming application and whether the information required is based on full packets, application-layer metrics or basic flow-level information, NarusInsight captures and processes the information in real time in a single network-wide system. With NarusInsight’s capabilities to "see" traffic from the network through the application layer, Narus is in a unique position to help its customers understand their traffic. Once they understand the traffic, the NarusInsight Solutions for Cyber Protection, Intercept and Traffic Management allow them to protect and manage their networks, and to comply with governmental regulations.

What is the value proposition Narus offers its customers as compared to competition?

Narus is the only company that provides security, intercept and traffic management solutions within a single, flexible system. With Narus, service providers and governments around the world can immediately detect, analyze, mitigate and target any unwanted, unwarranted or malicious traffic. Narus provides its customers with complete, real-time insight into all of their IP traffic from the network to the applications. Combined with the ability to enable numerous actions, Narus customers have the ability to take the most appropriate actions quickly.

Could you give a few examples of how Indian IP networks have benefited from Narus’ real-time traffic intelligence solution?

Today, Narus system protects and manages the largest IP networks in the United States and around the world, some of which include KT (Korea), KDDI (Japan), Raytheon, Telecom Egypt, Reliance (India), Sify (India), Cable and Wireless, Saudi Telecom, U.S. Cellular and many more.

Our domestic customers in India include some of the biggest names in Indian telecom space like Reliance Communications (utilizing NarusInsight Solution for Intercept to meet the regulatory requirements for legal intercept) and Sify (implemented the NarusInsight Solution for Intercept for government compliance).

We have a strategic partnership with HCL Infosystems Ltd, India’s premier information enabling ICT system integration company, to assist the Indian government in the protection of its people and infrastructure. By teaming with India-based HCL, Narus will be able to leverage HCL’s expertise in systems integration and its strong government practice in the Indian market. HCL will leverage Narus’ unique technology and ability to scale, proven deployments and growing sales and customer base in India. The partnership illustrates the two companies’ commitment to delivering end-to-end, state-of-the-art solutions to India.