CYOD, MEM Top CIO's Mobility Agenda

by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 29, 2014


Enterprise mobility has undoubtedly come of age with more and more companies coming up with some kind of mobility practices in recent times. IDC sees 2014 as an exciting year for enterprise mobility across Asia, with trends such as Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) solutions and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) policies topping the CIO’s IT priority list.

“We expect enterprises of all size to pay strong attention to their increasingly mobile-first customers and drive Mobility across their businesses,” says Shiv Putcha,AssociateResearch Director, Consumer Mobility, IDC Asia/ Pacific, hinting at a possible revolution that may take place in the enterprise mobile market in the coming days.

Over the past 12 months, IDC sees nearly all major technology vendors have made mobility one of their key focus areas which have driven awareness and confidence across the enterprise customer base. With this change, all the components, including stable devices, fast and reliable networks, robust mobile security solutions and the scalable applications required for companies to develop and support complex enterprise mobility solutions are now in place.

However, the need of the hour is for companies leveraging enterprise mobility solutions to drive competitive advantage and deliver business transformation. IDC found that more than 37% of organizations across major industry verticals in India consider Mobility a top enterprise IT priority for the current fiscal year, which substantiates the rise of enterprise mobility in India and believes that the number will rapidly grow up in the coming months.

Putcha believes having a mobility strategy is now a critical requirement for many organizations. In this environment, organizations are looking for best-practice examples in areas such as mobile security, applications development. The CYOD model, an approach that’s emerging as a means to overcome the security challenges of BYOD without compromising the choice and usage of cutting edge devices that BYOD brings, is an exciting area to look at.

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MEM the other potential area for businesses is more than a technology, says IDC but a mindset. It is a holistic approach to enterprise mobile strategy and spans the entire mobility lifecycle – from delivering network security and device control, to managing devices and applications, and content distribution on both corporate and personal devices. This area will also see an uptick within the Asian enterprises in the coming months.

However, companies that are unwilling to invest in these technologies will tend to lose out on the myriad benefits and exciting opportunities mobility has to offer, warns the analyst. Therefore, it is important for vendors, analysts and the entire ecosystem to help companies identify the steps they need to evolve their mobility offerings and to deliver tangible business benefits, says IDC.