D-Link Managed Switches are Now IPv6 Ready

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 06, 2009

D-Link has announced that its xStack DGS-3400 series, xStack DES-3200 series, xStack DES-3528/52 series, DGS-3610 series and DES-7200 chassis series switches have received IPv6 Ready Core Logo Phase 2 certification from the IPv6 Forum.

Compared with Phase-1, the Phase-2 logo verifies optimum compliance because it expands more "core IPv6 protocols" tests and adds new extended test categories.

Earlier this year, the D-Link DGS-3200 series and DGS-3600 series xStack Gigabit managed switches received IPv6 ready logo Phase 2 certification. Both these switch series are not only IPv6 capable, but are also interoperable with other standard-based products in a multi-vendor environment that support IPv6 functionality.

According to latest industry estimates (www.ipv6forum.com), the supply of new IPv4 addresses available from the regional Internet registries will run out in 2011. IPv6 fixes this problem by expanding the pool of new IP addresses by using 128-bit addresses. IPv6 also provides built-in security as well as network management and mobility enhancements. Therefore the growing demand for IPv6 support from government agencies, education institutions and corporate entities has becoming much stronger.