Daksh plans to recruit 3000 new employees

by Amit Tripathi    Oct 10, 2003

Speculating a major expansion move, Daksh e-Services, a leading BPO vendor, plans to add about 3,000 employees soon.

Daksh currently has approximately 5,000 employees spread over its five centers across the country. It will also expand its service offerings by stepping into the travel and hospitality sector.

The manpower addition would be spread across diverse segments, including high technology, e-commerce, telecom, and financial services. The call center had revenues of over $29 million last year, and is expected to climb even higher this year.

The company provides services such as inbound customer service and technical support, outbound collections, telemarketing and back-office processing related services.

The travel segment, especially in the United States, provides large amounts of business for Daksh. The BPO provides a range of services related to ticketing, enquiry, ticket routing, frequent flier and loyalty programs and so on. It is also aiming to achieve multi lingual status, already possessing French and German capabilities.

Despite the slump in the airline sector, there are still large opportunities waiting to be seized in the area.

Daksh is bullish on its growth prospects, and in the next couple of years, it expects to get at least 10% to 15% of its revenues from this segment. However the segment involves stiff competition from operators such as Interglobe, who have already been in the travel segment for a while.

Incidentally, Daksh has preferred the organic growth route, as in the case of the travel industry for instance, where the company had built expertise by recruiting a team of eight to ten travel industry veterans.

Daksh has received $29 million in funding from numerous sources, including a $21 million infusion from General Atlantic Partners.