Data Center 2009 Addresses Green IT Challenges

by Manu Sharma    Jul 22, 2009

DataCenter 2009 - a two-city event focusing on the green initiatives in datacenters - held its first conference in Bangalore.

The event aims to provide a holistic approach to the enterprises on drivers that can help build greener datacenters. It also highlighted the benefits that can be achieved from environment-friendly server environments.

The topics covered at the conference emphasized on critical factors such as people, technologies, processes, datacenter facilities, value proposition of the business, and how to effectively manage the impending transitions.

Speaking on the recent trends in IT infrastructure and datacenters, Saji Thoppil, general manager, (Compute & Storage), Wipro Infotech, said that in the present economic downturn multiple factors are creating a unison effect on datacenter designs and are introducing a paradigm shift not quite seen in the earlier history of IT infrastructure.

"Understanding the multi-dimensional effect of these factors is crucial in the planning and transformations of datacenter. The key factors which can be termed as the Inflection Pyramid of datacenters is around the four factors: Moore s law, Performance per Watt, Virtualization and Density. Factors fairly well-understood in isolation, but not very much as a combined entirety, and particularly, in relation to identifying the right IT requirement of an organization," said Thoppil.

"These four factors in combination with the impact of the present economic slowdown have created an influx in datacenter far more than as appears on the surface. Adoption of technology that maximizes the benefits of these factors brings in datacenters very different from the energy and money guzzlers as what they are seen today. It is true that large general purpose datacenter are also evolving and will never go out of fashion, alternatively building these optimal new generation datacenters fitting small footprints require a different fit from what is adopted presently for large datacenter," he said.

The globally depressive economic outlook has forced corporations worldwide to re-look at opex and capex to stay afloat, said Arvind Mathur, chief architect (Global Services), Sify Technologies. "Corporations today seek typically greater productivity from their fairly static IT budgets, while service providers seek means to optimize capex outlay for more efficient infrastructure sizing, seeking less power-hungry systems and adopting virtualization as a means to convert a power while increasing IT yields per kilo watt."

Srinivas Chebbi, CGM & VP-ISB Region, APC, highlighted the amount of energy that gets wasted in a datacenter due to lack of proper architecture planning. "Close to 40% of energy that flows into a datacenter goes towards power and cooling solutions," he said.

The conference shared broader insights on servers, IT operations, datacenter facilities, business continuity and disaster recovery. It also presented an outlook on best practices from throughout the datacenter field.

Companies including Sify Technologies, Wipro, EMC Corporation,  APC, Hewlett-Packard, Netmagic Solutions, Tyco Electronics, IBM, Airtel, Red Hat and Extreme Networks, among others, participated in Data Center 2009. CXOtoday was the official partner for the event.

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