Data Explosion Linked to Enterprise IT Adoption

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 14, 2008

An ongoing survey, titled ‘Data Explosion in India - Trends & Challenges’, suggests enterprise IT adoption is a major cause for data explosion. According to the survey, IT applications, i.e. ERP, CRM, etc (43%) followed by emails/attachments (19%) are the major sources of data growth in enterprises.

In terms of challenges, 24×7 data access (31%) and data proliferation (15%) were considered to be the major business challenges arising out of this express data growth by respondents. Although mass enterprise IT adoption is a welcome trend, enterprises run the risk of an IT infrastructure break-down in case the data explosion is not matched by also adopting comprehensive data management solutions.

The study is being jointly conducted by NetApp and Nielsen. According to industry estimates, enterprises do not utilize less than half of the storage that they buy. In addition, much of the data stored on disk is redundant. Not only is this a waste of storage, it is a waste of power and floor space-all of which increase IT costs.

“This problem is expected to escalate further in the coming years considering the large volumes of transactions recorded by this type of IT applications on a daily basis. Replicating data at cost efficient intervals to ensure business continuity is the primary challenge resulting out of huge amounts of data growth” said Surajit Sen, director (channels, alliances, and markets) of NetApp India.

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