Data Security: Prevention better than Cure

by Prabhu Ram    Dec 05, 2008

A security trend report by Forrester, many companies do not know how to determine the cost of security breaches. The report suggested that organizations, which do not take adequate measure upgrading their security constantly and having a recovery application can end up spending up to $50 per record during the data recovery process.

Forrester also warns that this additional cost can sometimes be significant enough to put them out of business.

Previously when companies had a data breach, a response team would fix the problem, test the mitigation, and then the company would resume normal activities. But now a company must spend time on public relations, legal fees, call centers, among others to keep its customers in confidence against such breaches in future.

Manjula Sridhar co-founder and CTO of Aujas, a security service company, said security threat in IT is mainly concentrated on the software. According to her, security measures should be initiated from the initial software development life cycle (SDLC) up to deployment. Gartner reports software to face 75 % of all security attacks as it contributes towards 90 % of the system s vulnerability.

According to Sannovi, a data recovery management company, data loss during any incidents such as flood, earthquake, etc. also contributes to security concern. A report released by Research on Epidemiology of Disaster, Sungard US said, the 9/11 catastrophe had 131 sites affected of which two failed and 129 did not respond on time causing data insecurity and break of business continuity.

According to Lakshman Narayanaswamy VP of Sanovi Technologies said hosting companies need to adapt technologies such as automated data recovery solutions. Such technologies provide a web interface to monitor dynamic statistics on data recovery point objective (RPO), and data recovery time objective (RTO). They automate surrogate server applications incase of any calamity or breach in security.

Prateek Tokas, analyst, (Security Solutions Research Practice) of IDC India said the total spending on IT security solutions in India was approximately 1.5% of the total domestic IT spending. He said organizations are now starting to demand good security solutions from vendors though it is too early to evaluate the maturity level of end customers for adopting data loss protection solutions. Various deployment challenges are also a reason for many companies to shy away from security application, said Prateek.

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