Data security remains a top concern for cloud adopters

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 21, 2013


Even though enterprises are increasingly going for cloud deployment through third-party cloud service providers, data security remains a top concern for many, according to a new cloud security survey commissioned by NetIQ.

According to the study findings, 51 per cent of CIOs and IT executives indicated that cloud has increased thier overall data security. However, almost 70 per cent of respondents believe that consumer cloud services are also posing a risk to sensitive data in their enterprises. Nearly 45 per cent are doubtful whether their cloud provider’s security processes meet their data security requirements.

The study notes a mix of concern and confidence in cloud security. For example, 45 per cent do not have full control of their cloud-based data when users log in on their own. Only 46 per cent offer training internally on how they should securely access data in the cloud. Another 42 per cent respondents said they are not fully confident about the regulatory compliance pertaining to sensisive information in the cloud.

The survey findings demonstrate that IT executives are okay with the execution of their cloud security strategies and programs. However, data security remains a top concern for many while addressing an increasing number of threats to corporate information, said Geoff Webb, director, Solution Strategy at NetIQ.

He added that data-centric security programs remain the most targeted and effective way to build security programs ready to embrace the complexities inherent in adopting cloud. Identifying sensitive data, applying appropriate layers of protection around that data, and tracking who is accessing it remain the best ways to respond to threats, meet regulatory requirements and minimise organisational risk.

These findings have been compiled by researchers who interviewed IT executives in large enterpirses across North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific region.