Data XGen Launches Linguistic Email ID Service In India

by Priyanka Pugaokar    Oct 18, 2016


In a breakthrough move to give digital empowerment to native language speakers, Data XGen Technologies today launched a linguistic email address app-Datamail. What the company claims to be the first service in the world based on IDN (International Domain Name), Datamail offers email id and domain name in eight Indian languages. The app is free to download and is available on Android and iOS platforms. 

With around 220 million users, India is the world’s second biggest smartphone market. However, despite of the growing number of smartphone users, the internet penetration is still very less as compared to other developed countries. As per the global internet report, India stands at 139th position in terms of internet penetration. Data XGen Technologies said that the service aims to tap the larger portion of rural and non English speaking population. 

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Ajay Data, CEO of Data XGen Technologies said that the service aims to empower the digitally deprive people and bridge the digital gap in the country. “ Our main aim behind launching this app is to reach out to the large chunk of the non English speaking population and connect them to the digital means. With our flagship solution Datamail, people will be able to have their email address and domain name registered in their language.”

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Data said that the service is available free for individuals and corporates can avail the service on annual subscription. He said that the company would add more Indian languages to its service in the coming days. 

In a bid to promote local languages in a digital communication, the government launched .bharat domain in 2014. Since, the government is pushing website and email addresses in Hindi or Devanagari scripts. The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has asked domain or website name sellers to provide free .bharat (in Devanagari script) to everyone who buys a “.in” domain name. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology recently held a meeting with representatives of Google, Microsoft and Rediff in an effort to get technology corporations to support email addresses in local languages, starting with Hindi. 

Traditionally, email addresses have only supported characters from the Latin script, but the Internationalized Email Framework supports email IDs in any local language script or variation around the world, including Russian, Greek, Chinese and Hindi. These addresses use the Unicode character set instead of the ASCII character set.

Data Xgen Technologies which was previously known as Data Infosys Limited, has developed XgenPlus, a Linux based Enterprise collaborative suite supports IDN email that allows people to use any language in their email address. In India Data XGen Technologies has two data centres based in Jaipur and Delhi and claims to have around 11 million subscribers including RBI, MTNL, BSNL to name few. The company is engaged with various states government on crucial e-governance projects. The company is planning to offer the similar kind of solution in Russia, Middle East and China. 

(Image Courtesy: Daily News Bin)