DataCore Unveils Affordable SMB Solutions

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 16, 2007

DataCore Software has announced new, affordable, remote site Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) solutions under its Virtual Infrastructure Foundation class of products that deliver the highest levels of data protection and advanced storage management functionality.

The new offerings include thin provisioning to automate and optimize the use of storage capacity, SANmotion to simplify data migration, storage performance acceleration software and a full range of auto-failover, auto-recovery, and advanced IP SAN mirroring data protection services.

The DR package enables a company to automatically mirror critical business data over a LAN/WAN link to a remote site that can be located hundreds to thousands of miles away.

The BC package transparently mirrors, protects, and manages the underlying storage that is critical to supporting the business application servers and virtual servers needed to run a business.

Automated thin provisioning of virtual capacity and SANmotion data migration software are included in both packages as standard features.

George Teixeira, president & CEO, DataCore Software, “The total cost of a working system, the high cost of entry, lack of flexibility, and software utility are the real barriers in the SMB space. Small to mid-sized businesses can’t afford to deploy a SAN to manage storage and then pay the additional cost for business continuity and disaster recovery. They need a solution that does both and does it at the right price.”

The Virtual Infrastructure DR and BC packages are each priced at under $10,000, which includes a full year of customer support.

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