Datacraft sets up pharmacy chain's network infra

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 15, 2010

Datacraft India has partnered with a leading Asian integrated telecommunications services provider based in India, to connect a major Indian pharmacy chain across the country. With this project, Datacraft will connect the pharmacy stores across key locations over a secure, stable and scalable network. The company declined to divulge names of the Indian pharmacy chain and telecommunications service provider.

In order to address local competition directly, the pharmacy chain decided to relocate its retail outlets to new sites. These new outlets needed to be connected with the existing pharmacy network to ensure a secured and effective e-mail and voice communication for the chain. Since many of these stores are located within rural India, network connectivity is key in ensuring effective collaboration and management.

The pharmaceutical firm reached out to the telecommunications service provider to link its dealer outlets across the country to a data centre, hosted by the service provider. "We were approached by the telecommunications company to customize network infrastructure for one of India s largest pharmacy chains," said Sunil Manglore, CEO, Datacraft India.

After an initial consultation period, Datacraft recommended a virtualized voice infrastructure to address the communications pain points while providing capacity for future expansion. According to Datacraft, in order to ensure secure access to the corporate network with data encryption, the company put together a Digital Subscriber Line-based (DSL-based) CUG VPN (or Closed User Group Virtual Private Network) network that would terminate at the service provider’s datacentre.

According to the company, this is more cost effective than investing in an additional VPN concentrator. It also took care of portability issues as relocated outlets can easily reconnect to the VPN via a Cisco router that provides DSL connectivity.