Datamato Bets On AI, IoT; Focuses On Newer Markets

by Sohini Bagchi    Oct 18, 2017


Technology giant IBM says it has tied up with firms such as Reliance Group’s UNLIMIT, Kone, KPIT and agri tech firm Avanijal Agro to jointly build internet of things (IoT) solutions for local customers in the country. Some of these companies that implement IBM’s IoT and other technology platform, through platinum business partners like Pune-based Datamato, often end up becoming the face of IBM for these organisations.

“Our journey started off as a provider of system engineering and software design using IBM’s Rational Systems and Software Engineering platform and today we are one of the fastest emerging Consultative Solution Enabler providing end-to-end solutions and consulting services, focussed primarily on key services like DevOps, IoT, Cloud Computing, Continuous Engineering, Collaborative Lifecycle Management amongst others. We also provide consultation services for achieving Compliances and Setup Processes and Centre of Excellence (CoE),” said Sachin Londhe, Founder and Director at Datamato Technologies.

Datamato Technologies, set up in 2012 is one of the few trusted IBM Platinum Business Partner in India today. Over the years, the IT company has earned the reputation and trust of our customers through diligent project management, on-time project delivery, high-level integrity and a focus on customer satisfaction. Datamato headquartered in Pune, India, now also has presence in Dubai, UAE and USA.

Tryst with IBM

Speaking about its association with IBM, Londhe said, “IBM and Datamato have a strategic partnership wherein we are working with several of our customers together and customers are very happy with the IBM’s rich portfolio of solutions and research. The diversity and breadth of solution-offering, is most relevant to our customer-base and also helps us to offer them innovative solutions.”

As part of partner ecosystem, there is an excellent incentive-system in place, which always is a great motivator, said Londhe. “Also as a partner, we do get unlimited access to IBM’s knowledgebase: be it whitepapers, RedBooks, Presentations and even access to IBM technical team-members at times for faster client query-resolution. The IBM Channel team has always been a big help be it in terms of pointing us to right deals for us at times, introducing us to right client-persons at right time and always backing us to the hilt,” he explained.   

Another added advantage is that since we are working on the most in-thing, be it niche areas like DevOps, IoT, Cognitive etc., it keeps the workforce happy and motivated. “We are not just a member of the IBM Channel ecosystem, but we are premier business partner and what that means is we don’t just enable our people to understand IBM technology. We ensure that we are actually delivering value by bringing those solutions into our client-roadmaps and delivering those solutions to market. Growth follows automatically,” he said.

Being a key differentiator 

Datamato is focussed on helping its clients use analytics from IoT data to help drive efficiencies as well as increase revenue, be it leveraging IoT for preventive and predictive maintenance, asset management or for innovative solutions. Some of the key solutions they are focusing on include poly house, smart solution for farming, which can predict weather, crop conditions and give insights to farmer and optimize consumption of Electricity, smart vehicles, building an Intelligent Blower System for monitoring CO2 concentration inside the vehicle cabinet, driver-mood detection, health wearables and preparing a Robotic response to client-queries.

“In all of above, we are leveraging various IBM offerings including-but-not-limited-to Node-RED (a flow-based programming tool), Bluemix (cloud platform as a service - PaaS), Watson (a Cognitive System),” said Londhe adding that all of the above are stitched in a seamless fashion to achieve actionable-insights thus increasing productivity manifolds as well as provide innovative solutions, not thought-before. The aim is to help organizations implement the cognitive approach in cost-efficient manner and is the USP as well as the differentiator for the company.

Datamato works with clients in the automotive space, large banks and telecom companies and a top tier MNC SI in India.

The future outlook

Rejuvenating existing businesses, creating IPR solutions and expanding into foreign markets are among the initiatives Datamato has already undertaken. Datamato is now more cohesive and united than it has ever been. It is the outcome of a set of policies that have been emphasized by the Senior Management team, reinforced by dedicated work-force, who are responsible for conceptualizing and executing goals that bring all of us together in pursuit of mutually shared objectives, informed Londhe.

“To create new business models, we are moving ahead applying the concept of “Selection & Concentration” to our business portfolio – like focusing on verticals like DevOps, IoT, Cognitive Computing, CLM etc., while maintaining our leverage on current client-base, derived from our wide-ranging business experiences,” he said, adding the workforce too should increase from current 40-odd to about 80 by 2018 and 300+ by 2019-end.

Also, Datamato intends to extend its “Preferred Partner for IBM” tag to global levels. And, within that time-frame, the team would be focused on achieving Industry acclaimed solution offerings, fuelling growth as a separate vertical altogether. 

In the next 1-2 years, the company is looking to invest in talent, product development and acquire more clients and newer markets. “We take immense pride in our resources and their technical strengths and we constantly put a premium on continuous-learning. We are constantly enhancing our team and plan to increase our technical workforce to about 80 by 2018 and 300 by 2019-end.” 

“We want to create our USP in such a way that the client should be assured that once they opt for Datamato, all their needs are fulfilled in the most cost-effective way as well as in time,” asserted Londhe. According to him, the company is already focusing on new and upcoming niche areas like AI, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, etc., wherein supply-demand ratio is in our favour to capitalize on growth-possibilities and are looking to increase Datamato’s footprints globally.

Going forward, Londhe sees great value in diversifying into completely new lines of business, such as, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Blockchain technology among others and at the same time increase market-penetration.