DataWind Launches Web Surfing Device In India

by Rajendra Chaudhary    May 31, 2006

DataWind Corporation, Canadian provider of wireless web access products and services has introduced Pocket Surfer in India. The handheld device is designed to provide quick wireless access to the Internet via regular cellular networks.

Through the Bluetooth functionality the device connects to any CDMA or GSM network and allows users to download web pages in just 7-9 seconds. The HTML compatibility in the device means that the web content is delivered with full graphics and original layout, similar to those on the home PCs and laptops.

Elaborating on the features of the device, Harjinder Singh, India Head, DataWind said, “The Pocket Surfer delivers real HTML with full graphics, java-scripts and other modern web functionality for more than 8 billion pages of content through its VGA-width, 640-pixel LCD screen. The Pocket Surfer’s QWERTY keyboard also makes sending email as easy as with a PC.”

At 170 grams, Pocket Surfer is fairly portable and is competitively priced at Rs 9,999. The device also comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a thumb keyboard and mouse pointer. It has 4-6 hour battery backup.

DataWind believes that there is a market for the Pocket Surfer device as the smart phones and the PDAs available in the market lack in the overall quality of net experience in terms of access, service and content.

“With Pocket Surfer we are not trying to compete with the PDAs and smart phones in the market. Because by definition Pocket Surfer is a device dedicated to easy surfing on the Internet. It is a mass’ product and people from all walks of life can find use for it, be it corporate executives, share brokers, or just individuals that need to stay connected to the net on the go.”

The PocketSurfer only facilitates Web browsing. It doesn’t offer email functions, storage, or printing capabilities. However, one can use it with Web-based email and other online services. In case a cell phone doesn’t have the Bluetooth, an adapter that connects to the cell is also on offer.

DataWind has already managed to sell close to a thousand devices through its pre launch sales efforts, which it began a month ago. The company plans to market the product through India via a strong distribution channel and a good service back up.