Dealing with IT is highly stressful for new age employees

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 21, 2013

stressed employee

With an increased number of personal devices are used in the workplace, IT is emerging as the most stressful issue at work for young employees in India, reveals virtualization and cloud infrastructure provider VMware. Nearly 75 per cent of the respondents to the survey in India were Millennials, or Generation Y, workers who were born between the year 1980 and 1995.

The study found out that while nearly 85 per cent of employees in India are provided with a portable device from their employer, nearly 81 per cent (as against 77 per cent last year) are bringing their own device to work to complete their tasks. The study revealed that 40 per cent Indian employees find dealing with IT issues far more stressful than dealing with bureaucracy or their workload that are current pegged at 35 per cent and 31 per cent respectively.

The study demonstrates the blurring lines between personal life and work life in the corporate sector. According to VMware respondents were willing to let work intrude into what was once deemed as personal time, with 81 per cent of the respondents working from home, 71 per cent on holidays, and 57 per cent while on the move.

“The market for end user devices is growing and changing rapidly today, and India is no exception. Over the last year, we’ve seen new products and categories emerge which are presenting unique complexities and risks for organizations who want to protect their company data and avoid the leakage of confidential information,” said Vinod Krishnan, Director – Advanced Technologies, VMware India & SAARC. However, he believes that the research results highlight the pressing need for organizations to change and find the right balance between policies and how employees prefer to work.

According to Krishnan, continued investment and innovation in end-user computing can help IT organizations free the desktop, redefine the corporate workspace and embrace a new way of working in the post PC era.

Of those bringing their personal device to the workplace, 52 per cent said that they were getting support from IT for their personal devices, and 73 per cent said that they would spend - or waste - time working out a solution on their own if IT did not assist them. When evaluating potential employers, 80 per cent of the respondents – when compared to 70 per cent last year - said that those offering technological freedom are more progressive, dynamic, and desirable to work with.