Deeper understanding of business to increase uptake of big data

by Sharon Lobo    Jul 12, 2013

To truly realize their strategic objectives, businesses need partners who can understand and enable them to harness the power of modern technologies such as cloud, mobility, social Media and big data.

In an exclusive interview to CXOtoday, Pallab Talukdar, CEO, Fujitsu India, shares his views on these disruptive technologies. He further explains how companies should ideally go about adopting these solutions.

1. In spite of the hype, the paranoia surrounding big data is discouraging businesses from leveraging its true potential. Your views. (00:10)

2. In the absence of dedicated support for corporates from the makers of Android and iOS. How can vendors like Fujitsu help CIOs with their BYOD strategy? (01:40)

3. According to a recent report, integration issues cause Indian companies to abandon 1 cloud app a year. How should organizations address this issue? (03:19)

4. Are Indian businesses mature enough to leverage the full potential of social media and endure a possible backlash? (04:44)

5. Which segments are driving the growth of High Performance Computing in India? (05:14)

6. How ready is Indian market to adopt the Internet of Things concept? (06:03)

7. What is Fujitsu’s road map for the Indian market? (07:18)

8. What is your Leadership Mantra?