"Delays Can Be Costly"

by Sunil Kumar    Apr 04, 2007

What do you think is the size of the consulting market? Where does growth lie?
The present global consulting market size is estimated to be around US $300,000 million and is projected to grow at CAGR 7.8% by 2009. financial service, energy & utilities, and public sector are among the industry segments that are envisaged to have the potential to grow above average in the near future.

In energy & utilities, the focus would be more on energy trading, IT & e-commerce, regulatory management strategy, managing non-domestic businesses, new acquisitions, CRM, enterprise risk management, environmental compliance, new technologies in transmission / distribution and others. We specialize in providing solution to these key areas; an example is enterprise wide solution offering for environmental compliance.

Can you throw some more light on your focus areas?
We are concentrating only on the energy and utilities global market. Under energy, we work with oil & gas, petrochemicals, refinery, renewable energy and process industries. In the utilities sector, we work with gas, water & electricity industries. We provide business & solution consulting in this space to our global clientele. Also, unlike traditional consulting firms, we are advisers as well as practitioners ensuring that our recommended solution gets implemented with desired business results.

Why did you foray into emissions trading?
In any industry where emissions are regulated and traded, delays can be costly. Every minute out of compliance, every hour spent on administration and monitoring functions, and every barrier to accurate reporting poses a risk to business. The need of the hour is solutions that take environmental data to new levels of responsiveness and efficiency. Such solutions should give the power to dynamically monitor, analyze, respond to, and report on emissions status in real time, thereby saving valuable time and costs and converting these data into real money through actual trading of credits.

What do you think is currently lacking in consulting in India? How do you plan to make a difference?
Our vision is to enable Indian companies to track emissions in real time, manage emission credits across the total facility, optimize environmental controls, and rapidly produce an array of compliance reports required by state, federal, local regulatory bodies and more importantly by CXO’s as powerful tools in trading credits. We wish to position ourselves such that our solutions help Indian companies to achieve regulatory compliance goals even while reducing monitoring and reporting cost and to lay the groundwork for emission trading strategies and enable real time emission trading.

You seem to have identified energy as a major concern for IT companies. What role will Enzen play in this area?
IT companies can also contribute towards energy conservation. For example, switching to variable speed drives instead of electric motors, switching to laptops instead of desktops can lead to considerable energy savings. For new buildings, there exists scope to design the buildings as green buildings. Enzen has certified energy auditors with a vast experience in energy auditing for office buildings. We can advice companies on energy conservation measures, leading to reduced energy bills and a greener environment.

In your opinion, is there any potential for growth of the Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model in India?
There is significant potential for this model globally as well as in India. A recent report of IDC displays that by 2010, 30 percent of new software and application purchases would be SaaS-based. In India, we can observe a growing awareness and interest expressed by various
industry segments towards this model. We observe a significant potential for the growth of this model in the Indian power sector, and as we talk, we are close to successfully completing a pilot project employing SaaS model for one of our customers in India.

What is the scope of expansion for Enzen in the future? What defines Enzen?
We are close to completing our first year of operations, and have received an enthusiastic response for our services from customers. Currently, we are offering our services to more than 10 global customers.

Our differentiating strategy is the focus and expertise that we have built in the global energy & utilities sector. It is complimented by our futuristic approach and the delivery of solutions that provide business value.

Additionally, we have developed unique growth strategies specific to the individual market segment and geography that we compete in. The investments we have made in Indian electricity distribution sector to improve sector efficiency, our unique partnership model with Dutch-based ClosedGap for Meter-to-Cash Solution etc. are examples of our differentiated growth strategy.

Do you have any major expansion plans right now?
We operate currently in the Indian & UK markets. We intend to commence operations in Continental Europe by the first quarter of 07-08, and in US by 08-09.