Dell Launches Two New Servers

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 15, 2004

Dell introduced today two new servers, the PowerEdge 800, designed for small enterprises and workgoups and the PowerEdge SC1425 servers, aimed at supercomputing clusters and Web farms.

The PowerEdge 800 server is a 1P server that features a 3.6GHz single Intel Pentium 4 processor with 64-bit memory addressability, DDR2-400/533 memory, PCI Express adapter slots as well as a SCSI hard drive for simplified serviceability or hard-drive replacement.

According to the company, the solution is apt for addressing the needs of file/print sharing, workgroup applications, remote offices, and retail/point-of-sale environments.

The PowerEdge 800 offers users a single Intel Pentium 4 processor with Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T) and an 800 MHz front side bus. The ECC memory allows the system to tolerate a single-bit memory chip error on a DIMM and continue operating without interruption.

The system ships with Dell’s OpenManage 4 for system management. Users can also opt for a single Intel Celeron processor at up to 2.53Ghz.

The PowerEdge SC1425 server, on the other hand, features 64 bit memory addressing, DDR-2 memory, and advanced I/O technologies. This design enables customers to invest more in overall computing power for their distributed configurations, since large-scale clusters or extensive Web farms are typically managed for failover and availability at the application level.

The SC1425 offers users dual Intel Xeon EM64T processors with hyper-threading, an 800MHz front side bus for improved memory performance, up to 12GB of DDR-2 memory which provides more memory with higher density and embedded dual GB Ethernet NICs for high-performance I/O capabilities.

According to Damian Crotty, director for enterprise, Dell Asia, “Unlike a more general-purpose server, the PowerEdge SC1425 is built from the ground up to be a hot-swappable unit within a server cluster or Web farm.”

Dell will offer the new PowerEdge SC1425 server in its high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) bundles with 8-, 16-, 32-, 64-, 128- and 256-node configurations running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.

The PowerEdge SC1425 servers start at Rs. 46,360 and are available with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 standard or Web edition and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0, 32 bit or 64 bit editions. Meanwhile, the PowerEdge 800 begins from Rs. 37,099. Both these solutions are expected to be available from November 17, 2004.