Dell Releases DellConnect

by CXOtoday Staff    Jul 17, 2006

Computing major Dell has released a tool, DellConnect, to enable service agents for consumers and small businesses with an ability to remotely diagnose and correct common technology problems.

The tool will allow a technician to solve customer’s computer problems over a high-speed broadband connection. This will be employed during a technical-support call with customer’s permission, and will allow Dell service and support group to quickly and efficiently help correct problems.

There is no additional charge for Dell customers that when used to fix issues covered by the hardware warranty for Dell notebooks and desktop computers.

“We believe this is a better option than planning a visit and having to pay more than $100 for the privilege. The days of the PC house call are on the wane. The hundreds of thousands of surveys we’ve done with customers show this is the future of fixing most common problems,” said Rajan Anandan, VP & GM, Dell India - Sales & Marketing.

DellConnect will prove effective in correcting common computer issues that would slow performance of computers, such as software and maintenance issues, as well as installing the right setting, or software drivers for running printers, cameras and other gadgets. Technicians had begun using the tool called TechConnect late last year for servicing US consumers.

According to Dell, more than 750,000 US customers have been serviced with the new tool till date, 95% also said that it would be easier to troubleshoot the problem with a service agent and they would recommend use of it to others.

This year Dell expects to spend more than $100 million for regaining leadership position in customer service. The company has hired more than 2,000 new sales and support personnel in the US and would be enhancing training of more than 5,000 support personnel globally.