Internet of Things provides opportunity amid diversity

by Sharon Lobo    Aug 06, 2013

Internet of things

In today’s modern world, the Internet continues to plays an integral role not only at the infrastructure level, but also in culture, society and business. This role gets further extended by the Internet of Things (IoT), which encompasses an increasingly diverse range of devices and communications streams. Sensors and actuators are embedded in physical objects, from roadways to pacemakers, which are linked through wired and wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet.

As more and more physical objects getting connected, it makes IoT diverse in nature, thereby failing to make a compelling business case to explore or commit resources to this evolving area. However, in this age of consumerization of IT, which has increasingly encroached on enterprise IT, CIOs just cannot ignore IoT.

By understanding the various classes of devices that will likely populate the Internet of Things, the CIO will be well-placed to spot additional opportunities or see similarities that business colleagues may overlook.
-Stephen Prentice, VP & Gartner Fellow

CIOs should understand that IoT might appear diverse but in reality, many applications that appear to be completely unique share an underlying functionality that is essentially common across the different applications. Much of the differentiation and value of IoT resides not in the device or connectivity, but in the data aggregation, data-processing and decision-making activities that take advantage of the data streams emanating from the device.

By ignoring the details of each application and looking instead at the underlying characteristics of the different device types and how they can populate an IoT infrastructure, CIOs can bring clarity and insight to what appears to be a very confused set of possibilities.