Digisol Will Continue To Promote “Make in India”

by Swaminathan B    Mar 20, 2017


Digisol Systems, a subsidiary of Smartlink Networks Systems, is bullish on the government’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digitial India’ initiatives and is dedicatedly working in that space. The Mumbai-based networking solution company manufactures products such as wireless networking devices in India. The products made in their Goa facility have ‘Made in India’ label on the packaging. To position itself as one of India’s IT manufacturing and the networking leaders, the company has chalked up a comprehensive plan to support the government’s Make in India initiative.

Speaking to CXOToday Arati Naik, COO, and Director, Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. said, “If need arise, we will invest and scale up our manufacturing setup at Goa to cater to larger manufacturing volume. We already expended our manufacturing facility to manufacture our new passive range of products. Today 90% of Digisol Passive Networking products are manufactured at our manufacturing plant at Goa.”

IoT, smart cities opportunities

Speaking on smart cities, she observed there’s a lot of discussion happening around it, but there is very less implementation on the ground level. “There is an opportunity for everyone, but it depends on what devices and applications you are offering. While the city surveillance projects have been floated in a big way, many other projects are at tender phase and we expect that things will start picking up in next two years.”

Applauding the government push towards digitization, she said, it is speeding up growth in the IT networking market on the whole. Several state government projects and the 4G revolution by telcos is further driving the demand for IT networking products.


Naik also believes that the IoT space is expected to get a big boost this coming year and beyond. “IoT products and solutions for homes and businesses would evolve to take the automation experience to a different level altogether,” she said.  

Foray into cabling business

In October 2016, the company forayed into the passive range of structured cabling business in India on the back of telecom infrastructure expansion and new spectrum wins by telcos.

“We took another important step in our corporate journey of 34 years with introduction of Passive range of Structured Cabling business in India. Now we offer an entire range of Copper, Fiber and FTTH Structured Cabling Solutions for customers in India along with our active products line.”            

Digisol claims that its products fulfil the network connectivity needs of medium to small businesses and home networks, as well as SME & Enterprises requirements. “With our strong presence in SMB and enterprise, we will work with regional and national SI’s for enhanced presence in large scale projects and select verticals.” Naik said.

GST and tax reforms

Naik also recommends that the government should go for immediate import substitution and create duty differentials so as to attract domestic manufacturing as against trading of imported finished goods. “The Government of India at the earliest should provide the scheme for mobile phones and tablets to all the IT Hardware Goods being manufactured in the country,” she said.

Naik also touched upon the difference in tax formats amongst the states in India. “Complex and adverse Tax reforms are proving to be hurdles in the economic growth. Multiple states, multiple taxes, multiple agencies, disconnect between the central government and the State is a major hurdle. Each state is having its own way formulating laws; however India being a federal state has to thrive as one for economic prosperity. Addressing hurdles by building synergy between the Central and State Government will certainly improve on ease of doing business & bringing down the cost of doing business.“

From that perspective, introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the earliest will bring parity in the tax structure of the IT goods and will make the products competitive.