Digital India Will Thrive On Digital Education


Nelson Mandela once said that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world’. Today with Digital medium making its exemplary headway into this space, we might as well be able to replace ‘Education’ with ‘Online Education’ in this saying.

India is at an amazing threshold in terms of inhabiting world’s largest youth population and at the same time having a complex higher education system, which is the third largest in the world with 700 universities and more than 35,000 affiliated colleges enrolling more than 20 million students.

The only platform that can synchronize both these flagpoles towards a successful endeavour is the ‘Digital Medium’. Reaching out to the increasing mass in remote corners of India, connecting them with the knowledgeable veterans and helping them to learn faster, can be possible only if we wave this magical wand. 

The complexity of our existing higher education system with no flexibility has limited us from introducing any new areas of knowledge, subjects and courses in the curriculum, as it requires huge level of paper work and academic recording on the ground. This has already slowed down our pace of learning and the level of professional efficiency among Indian youth.

In a fast changing world where each day brings a completely new subject to learn and share, if we still succumb ourselves to the old system of education, we will very soon become a nation, which has self-paralyzed itself.

The ease of expansion and prospects of technological improvisation within Digital Medium is very high. Its time and cost saving attributes best fits Indian economic condition where it has the responsibility to impart education to all within a limited time.

We are glad that India has started to visualize the revolution that online as a medium can create in education. Today, numerous emerging businesses in education tech segment have already begun to witness huge success. Indian firms are introducing interesting and differentiated marketplace models, technological software that can change the way we teach and learn. 

We are very near to establishing the fact to the world that we will make Digital Education a success in India, a success that would be a roadmap for other nation with large population.