Digital Trends Driving India Market In 2016

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 31, 2015


There is no doubt that technology will be a game changer in the Indian market - in practically every business vertical. In a recent interaction with CXOtoday, Anil Saini, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Ricoh India, explains why India is entering a new technology era in 2016. Here are the key technologies he highlights for the coming year.

Personation & Customization using more data

Organizations will continue to use the power of data analytics for better business decisions & insights. The concept of product customization and personalisation is something the brands are taking very seriously. They are discovering that they can elevate customer loyalty and engagement and use their customer base as an engine of advocacy to potential buyers. Product customization will helps brands boost their sales.

Faster and Secure Networks

 There is a growing demand to create solutions which are fast, cost efficient and can increase productivity.  Customers will expect IT companies to design business processes, IT systems & Consumption Models which can provide industry specific solutions which can be used 24/7. Networks have to become burstable & instantaneous, highly available and secure to take the cloud to the next level. Security is one aspect which will be a key focus for companies.

Consolidation and Optimization of the Digital World IT Industry will benefit from the Digitisation program, mission mode projects and the G2C initiatives of the Government. Document Process Outsourcing will gain momentum as companies start looking at consumption models which give them more flexibility and scalability to ramp up or optimize based on the actual business needs Total outsourcing of IT especially for large enterprises will gain momentum. “Software defined Systems” will the key to the success of the Digital world.

Internet of things (IoT)The need to build an integrated and safer planet will give a lot of boost to the development of systems which can talk to each other. The sectors which will benefit the most from this would Infrastructure management including Safe City projects, Near Combat Defense Systems, Manufacturing Process Control, Energy, Medical & Healthcare systems, Transport etc.

Next wave of Government to Citizen ProgramsFinancial inclusion & Direct Benefit Transfer initiatives catching up, Aadhaar based processes will get a big boost by using the power of Information technology. Government may also open up to flexible and scalable consumption models like Cloud apart from continuing its focus on PPP & other transaction based business models for harnessing the power of IT for citizen welfare.

Government to improve network connectivityGovernment is expected to support the role out of special projects for taking automation & welfare schemes to the rural masses by building the super highways right up to the panchayat level.

Make in IndiaMake in India Will get a big boost with a lot of MNC’s setting plants in India. Since the launch of Make in India Campaign last September, we have seen relaxation in many government policies. Many international companies are looking at India to manufacture their products. 2016 will see many more companies looking to invest in India.


In 2016 Cloud will continue to keep playing an important role in the enterprise segment. Companies are expected to make huge investments and introduce solutions which are more flexible, affordable and efficient. Additionally, cloud will be in the mainstream there will be lesser debate public vs private but more on industry specific applications to solve specific needs.

Anywhere Anytime Workplaces (A2W) 

This is not a trend now but a need and customers expect IT tools to be available anywhere & everywhere. Mobile applications & systems for anytime anywhere secure accessibility will no longer be a delighter but a must be.