Discover sales opportunities in real-time

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 11, 2010

To help enterprises break free from the sales-marketing divide, LeadForce1 has developed a breakthrough, patent-pending, next-generation approach that dramatically improves the volume of qualified leads, increases sales pipeline velocity, and delivers unique value by connecting sales teams with qualified prospects in real-time.

"With existing marketing automation solutions, pursuing leads is a reactionary process. The data provided lacks intelligent insight into the leads, and the real-time information required to take proactive action is not available," said Srihari Kumar, CEO, LeadForce1.

LeadForce1 is a marketing automation solution which provides both sales and marketing with lead insight and intelligence through a shared, holistic opportunity view. This helps them discover sales opportunities in real-time and populate the funnel with only qualified leads. This capability also integrates with the company’s email marketing module to create intent-driven lead nurturing campaigns and sales pitches driven by real customer needs.

"The LeadForce1 solution resolves these issues with a closed-loop approach through the entire lead life-cycle, from providing highly detailed information about anonymous website visitors, to triggering live sales conversations with prospects in real-time, thus enabling shorter sales cycles and higher ROI for businesses," Added Kumar.

LeadForce1 offers the unique benefit of being able to determine an online visitor’s interests and intent, using advanced behavioral analysis. Marketing and sales teams can now precisely manage lead nurturing programs and effectively target messages and offers that are customized around the interests of each individual lead. The result is marketing campaigns with greater impact, larger sales pipelines, and improved sales productivity.