Domino's India Simplifies Ordering With Conversational IVR

by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 10, 2017


Dominos India has now added automated voice ordering capabilities through the phone.

The new Conversational IVR platform, developed by Nuance Communications  is equipped with natural language understanding (NLU) technology, allowing customers to speak their orders naturally to self-serve, eliminating the need to wait on the phone or in physical lines. The Conversational IVR system is now available in English and Hindi for the Delhi and NCR stores.

It provides a fast and intuitive process for customers to place their orders, streamlining the customer experience and improving the contact center efficiency. The voice ordering system offers an intelligent, human-like, and personalized experience for customers, allowing them to speak naturally in their own words as if they were talking to a Domino’s employee.

Not only does this voice ordering system prevent the frustration of waiting on hold or in store lines for service, but it also allows the employees to focus on other tasks, such as fulfilling orders.

“In today’s digital world, customers expect their interactions with businesses to be when, where, and how they want,” said, Jason Stirling, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance, Asia Pacific.

“This intelligent natural language solution is further proof of Domino’s commitment to offering innovative technology to create a remarkably quick, easy, and efficient experience for customers. Through equipping the phone channel with Nuance’s Conversational IVR system, Domino’s India is delivering the convenience that customers desire.”

“This partnership with Nuance is taking us to the next level in automation,” said S. Murugan Narayanaswamy, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Domino’s India. “By allowing our customers to self-serve using their phones, we are confident that ordering pizzas will be even easier. We are very proud to offer this new service to Domino’s India patrons.”