Donjin India introduces MsVAS Platform

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 12, 2011

mobileVASDonjin Communication Technology (Donjin Tech), the multimedia communication platform technology solution provider, has recently introduced its Mobile Signaling (MsVAS) gateway for the Indian market. Targeted at the telecom service provider and enterprise segment, the MsVAS gateway is based on the Donjin Tech’s Keygoe series of multimedia central office.

“With the introduction of MsVAS, Donjin a has complete VAS solution enabling partners to work on more applications instead of earlier limitation of working with only OBD/ IVR kind of applications,” remarked Hariharan Iyer, sales director (South Asia), Donjin Tech.

The MsVAS platform, as updated by the company, can provide services such as mobile phone location query, mobile phone signature, mobile phone name card, intelligent answer service, asterisk(*) code service, MAP short message service(SMS) and authentication authorization accounting (AAA) of 3G.

The platform, can access the core network, IN, signaling networks through the SS7 and supports various control signaling for value added services. It also features support for all signaling, distributed deployment, link load share, dual computer hot backup, high scalability and openness.

“The addition of MsVAS to our existing product ‘Keygoe’ will result in enabling the VAS signaling players to integrate Voice and Signaling from one single platform. Besides positively impacting the flow of value added service, adaption of MsVAS in their networks will also have a positive impact on the revenue of the service providers. Donjin will further provide dependable technical support to partners based on its openness and scalability of Keygoe multimedia switches,” he continued.

About Keygoe series, the company stated that, it is a comprehensive information service platform developed for operators and virtual operators. The series matches with the requirement by information communication industry to a central office platform and merges the same in a comprehensive way the technologies of central office platform, CTI and IP technologies, effectively settles the problems found in existing service platforms.