Dr. Batra's Connects Centers with VC

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Aug 01, 2008

Homeopathy clinic — Dr. Batra’s, has adopted video conferencing for their centers across India.

Launched last week, the service will allow video conferencing in 18 centers across India. Speaking to CXOtoday, Balkrishna Rai, manager (IT) for Dr. Batra’s said that they will be connecting about 8 more centers by next week.

The organization has deployed a software solution called ‘Eazymeeting’ from India-based Horizon IT Solutions. Speaking about the reason for choosing this particular solution, Rai said, “Eazymeeting has a number of features like file/photo sharing, session recording, bandwidth optimization, etc. We were hunting for a solution that would provide us the most capabilities within our budget.”

The total cost of the video conferencing project is estimated to be Rs. 50-55 lakh. This includes the cost for bandwidth, webcams, and dedicated computers. Dr. Batra’s have also installed a small low end server for user authentication.

All users are connected to a single network

Dr. Batra’s had earlier considered hardware devices from Tandberg and Polycom. However, high costs and technical limitations (these solutions required a lot of bandwidth, 1-3 Mbps of dedicated link, and could not connect more than 4 users) were a deterrent.

Rai said, “We want to make video conferencing available to all our centers. We had looked at the Tandberg MXP 1700 series earlier. Though it had some great features, session recording was not available.”

Currently Dr. Batra’s is using their new video conferencing capability for conducting remote interviews, training, business meetings, etc. They have also scheduled two hours every day for telemedicine activities, where doctors at the different centers discuss cases with each other.

The project will be evaluated for 1 month for technical difficulties.

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