Dr. Batra's Planning Mirror Site in Delhi

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Jul 22, 2008

Leading homeopathy clinic - Dr. Batra’s, has aggressive plans for improving its IT infrastructure this year. Occupying top spot is a disaster recovery center to be set up in Delhi.

Dr. Batra’s currently has 3 centers in Mumbai, which create backups on a regular basis. The organization is now planning to set up a remote site in Delhi, where information from their database will be replicated and stored.

Balkrishna Rai, manager (IT) for Dr. Batra’s said that they have finished with a pilot study and will now present a report to the management regarding investment needed, network requirements, infrastructure, costs likely to be incurred, etc. The organization is currently scouting for solutions providers to determine which will best fit their requirements.

As regards the network requirements, Rai agreed that setting up the network infrastructure for a mirror site is not easy. He said, “We are exploring two options - to go with our existing network solutions provider or to develop our own network.”

Rai said that if they were to develop their own network for the Delhi site, costs would amount to around Rs. 70-80 lakh (excluding personal costs) with recurring costs of around Rs. 50-60 lakh. It is an astronomical proposition, even for an organization that invested in excess of Rs. 1 crore on IT last year.

However the organization sees this project as high priority and wants it to go off ground as soon as possible. Rai explained, “Remote site replication is important as it allows you to take periodic snapshots of your production and calendaring data and replicate it on a shadow service which is staged at a different location. If the production data center is lost, we can be back and running in a few minutes by transferring services to the alternate location.”

The organization expects to finalize all pending details in the coming 15-20 days and go ahead with the project by the end of next month.

Server consolidation is another project currently going on at Dr Batra’s. The organization currently has nine servers for their various purposes and they are planning on brining down this number to six in the coming months. Rai said that they are also testing server virtualization in the organization. Currently they have installed a single virtual server. They will observe its performance for three months and then make a decision.

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