Driving Customer Experience In The Digital Age

by Sohini Bagchi    Aug 03, 2015


Customer experience management is about more than serving your online customers, as Gartner calls it “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.” Amdocs, a leading provider of customer experience management  believes leadership in customer experience solutions isn’t just about software. It’s about accountability from start to finish and low-risk results. 

In an exclusive interaction with CXOtoday, Jatinder Ahuja, the Head of India and South West Asia Business, Amdocs, who brings to the table more than 20 years of industry experience, having worked with companies such as eServe Global India, Ericsson and Nortel throws light on the new trends in CEM and what the future looks like.

Tell us more about the New World of Customer Experience?

The New World of Customer Experience is an era where wide arrays of innovative and personalized services are delivered seamlessly to end users, regardless of device or network. The New World of Customer Experience demands that service providers inspire their customers with new and exciting services; personalize and contextualize each and every customer interactions, and shape quality of experience with agile software-powered networks, while speeding time to market, optimizing business processes, and reducing costs.

How is the changing customer experience impacting the telecom sector?

Service providers are faced with fierce competition from traditional and over-the-top (OTT) players, changing customer expectations, and accelerating technology innovation. These market forces require service providers to adopt new strategies and technologies. The changing customer expectations are driving service providers to adopt technologies that enable them to quickly offer new and exciting services, optimize their network resources while improving quality of experience, and personalizing customer experience. We are seeing adoption of software powered networks solutions such as network optimizing solutions and services, network virtualization functions and big data analytics solution.  Service providers are also increasingly adopting Mobile Financial Services solution in order to deliver new and innovative mobile wallet and other financial transactions services. With the issuance of payment bank licences, we will see more interest in this area. 

We are also seeing increasing demand for digital self –service customer care portal solutions that enable a personalized and contextualized self-care web/mobile app interface for a subscriber to quickly resolve their issues, without calling customer care. 

Please tell us about CES 9.3? How is it different from the previous Customer experience solutions (CES) provided by Amdocs?

 Amdocs CES 9.3 spans industry-specific business and operational support systems (B/OSS) and network control and optimization systems. It introduces new solutions for online commerce, interactive bills, big data marketing, care, network analytics as well as cross-portfolio enhancements to improve system performance. 

Amdocs CES (customer experience systems) - is the broadest and most integrated, communications-specific portfolio, managing the customer experience from device to network, covering BSS, OSS, and network control and optimization systems. We continually invest in further expanding its scope with each release, adding new products and solutions and enhancing our existing solutions with new features, business cases and advanced technologies to deliver more value to our customers and enable them to quickly respond to changing market dynamics.

The newly released Amdocs CES 9.3 introduces new solution to help service providers quickly offer innovative and personalized services and deliver them consistently across channels and with a seamless network experience.  It enables service providers to take a leap forward and focus their efforts on a digital and omni -channel service strategy. This strategy ensures they can provide a true online experience that grows beyond the multi-play offering to include online commerce with consistency and continuity across the customer journey, whether in commerce, care or billing. Additional solutions like interactive bills, big data marketing, care and network analytics, take another step in advancing our portfolio to deliver innovative and personalized services with a dynamic network service experience.

How is CES 9.3 enabling online commerce?

The CES 9.3 solution allows service providers to quickly create, manage and sell multi-play communications services bundled with digital products (e.g. video content) and hard goods (e.g. devices and accessories), across all online channels, to both existing customers and anonymous online shoppers. The solution supports purchase and re-contracting flows, from discovery to delivery, through a single all-inclusive catalog and customer-facing system. With Amdocs Commerce, service providers can provide a true omni-channel experience. Focusing on a consistent and continuous buying journey, service providers can offer the same products and services online as they offer through their call center or in retail stores.

What are the challenges faced by network operators today?

Consumers’ expectations are evolving very fast in India. Operators are not only challenged constantly to offer new and innovative services, but also deliver personalized and contextualized experience, and seamless connectivity regardless of device and location. At the same time, OTT services like WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube are changing the way we communicate, share information, and get entertained, which is eating into the revenues of mobile service providers. Operators are faced with building customer loyalty, counter revenue loss to OTT players, and introduce new revenue streams and business models. At the same time, with growing network and operation complexities, operators need to streamline complex environments; enable rapid time to market, and reduce infrastructure costs.

The arrival of 4G has generated many opportunities for telecom operators as well as Amdocs. Can you tell us how is Amdocs planning to help telcos in monetizing LTE?

4G deployment will generate multiple opportunities for operators. They will be able to deliver higher data speeds, which in turn will drive the adoption of new and innovative services. Service providers now have the opportunity to differentiate their services, and tap into new revenue streams. They can offer exciting services such as HD video and TV content, telepresence, media collaboration, connected car/home, online gaming, and much more.

However, service providers have invested a lot of money in buying spectrum licenses and deploying 4G/LTE networks. They are under increasing pressure to control capital expenditure, cut IT and operational costs, optimize their application landscape, and introduce new products and services quickly and effectively. We at Amdocs is helping service providers deliver superior customer experience, launch new and exciting services, tap into new revenue streams while helping them to lower their total cost of ownership and drive down time to launch new products and services.

What are your views on SMAC? Do you think operators can make use of it to offer better customer experiences?

Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud are four technologies that are enabling the digital lifestyle we are used to now.  Social media and mobile apps provide a new channel to service providers to reach and interact with their customers, while analytics allows them to personalize and contextualize each and every customer interaction. Cloud allows them to shape quality of customer experience with agile software powered networks and provides them a new way to access technology and data they need to quickly respond to evolving customer expectations and business problems. While each of four technologies can be used individually to improve customer experience, their convergence is creating the real disruption that is enabling service providers deliver superior customer experience, while reducing their costs, and improving their marketing effectiveness.