e-Learning Market Comes of Age in India

by Prabhu Ram    Mar 02, 2009

Corporate India is finally awaking to the benefits of e-learning largely due to its adeptness for imparting training on standard processes such as induction. Also, employees in Indian organizations will need to be trained more frequently to gain expertise.

Another reason for its increasing adoption is that it offers flexibility of broadcasting across geography, said Jonu Rana, GM of QAI, an IT consulting firm that offers its solutions through e-platforms. "Also, it can be taken at self-paced intervals thus benefiting executives at mid- and top-level of management." 

"Learning practice will become more prominent across all industries, and will range from CMM certifications to methodologies of innovation taught by industrial veterans and experts. Only e-learning can make them plausible," he added.

In India, mobile phones have become ubiquitous and with interoperability platforms, e- learning holds potential opportunities. Nokia has set up e-learning site that demonstrates the functions and tricks of its mobile phones, an innovation in services in comparison to printed manuals; providing constant updates free of cost, Rana said,

Talking to CXOtoday, Shailesh Mehta, CEO of GurukulOnline Learning Solutions, said that Indian e-learning market is now starting to mature. Gurukul, which offers a gamut of e-learning solutions, had 1 lakh e-learners in 2008 and is positive to have 2.5 lakh by this year, a 100% growth, he said.

With 8 million students graduating each year, developing contents for this knowledge-hunger community is a big opportunity for IT companies, said Mehta.

E-learning is not necessarily restricted to academics, but includes training for sales, technical and channel partners that help to update and also evaluate their potential before inking a deal.
However, both agreed that, for e-learning to become full-fledged in India, bandwidth in India needs to be improved.


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