ECI Telecom Helps Hutchison Expand Its Network

by Amit Tripathi    Aug 11, 2005

In the network infrastructure space, vendor uniformity not only ensures data integrity, but also provides for compatibility that eases the installation blues. Thus, Hutchison Essar maintained its seven-year old rapport with ECI Telecom by re-procuring equipments to handle the expansion of its network

Speaking to CXOtoday, Naresh Gupta, group CTO, Hutchison Essar, said, “Building on our relationship, we have chosen ECI Telecom to help us expand our nationwide network. ECI has proven time and again that it delivers technologically advanced, highly reliable, and cost-effective optical solutions that meet our growing needs.”

Apart from the equipment reliability and speed of response, Hutchison Essar selected ECI Telecom’s optical XDM platform, for its ease of planning, installation, and use.

Hutchison Essar has procured ECI’s XDM optical multi-service provisioning platform (MSPP), and BroadGate ” SDM-1 miniature multiplexer along with its network management system (LightSoft). MSPP enables various services like access, fixed, wireless, and a host of other services.

The Hutchison Essar network consists of 13 ‘circles’ spread across thousands of kilometers all over India. As per the contract, ECI has installed its XDM platforms in each circle, deploying new networks in the majority of the circles and upgrading existing networks to SDH in others. The company currently has a significant market share out of the 50 million wireless subscribers in India. This market is growing by approximately 2 million subscribers each month.

ECI Telecom has been supplying Hutchison Essar with optical networking solutions since 1998, with orders increasing since then. Along with the XDM platform, ECI also supplies its BroadGate ” SDM-1 miniature SDH multiplexer in order to maximize efficiency and capacity of the network.