ECM is Green: Gartner

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 14, 2009

Gartner has examined six areas in enterprise content management (ECM) that will help companies to identify processes that can reduce harmful effects on the environment while still being efficient.


* Overcome information capture inefficiencies

Gartner said to capture information from customers, prospects and suppliers and to make an audit of the methods used by various functions to collect and route data, as well as serve up content.

It recommends companies to shift towards e-forms, to reduce the need to create a paper document, and also to reduce inefficient or redundant communications.


* Understand, document and record realities

Gartner said that storing records in an appropriate electronic format offers significant benefits. According to Garnter, there is no need to heat or cool large vaults for paper storage. Ongoing air conditioning of large paper-storage environments can be very energy-intensive.

* Build an ECM Strategy

According to Gartner, an enterprise-wide strategy is cleaner and greener as architects and planners increasingly take an enterprise-wide view. It recommends organizations to consolidate applications into the most strategic ones wherever possible.


* Explore outsourcing

Accorinding to Gartner, organisations should consider using service bureaus and outsourcing aspects of their content management needs that are common and in which they have no particular expertise or value-add.


* Optimise processes with CEVAs

According to Garnter, content-enabled vertical applications ( CEVAs) can help to automate complex processes that previously required workers to sort through paper documents and other forms of content manually.


* Explore new digital information approaches and expectations

According to Garnter, organizations should determine the overall role that electronic communications play in their organisation with their customers, their partners and their prospects because the cost of electronic communications tends to be lower overall.