Effective Infrastructure Management Drives Biz Efficiency

by Priyanka Pugaokar    Sep 01, 2016


In today’s complex business environment, where the mingling of advanced technologies has made IT infrastructure complex, it is crucial to have a right end-to-end IT infrastructure management in place to ensure seamless business continuity. According to IDC, investments in infrastructure management have the largest single impact on an organization’s revenue.

Infrastructure management is steadily moving to the cloud and wireless networks and many organizations are opting for cloud-based infrastructure software to achieve business agility. While deploying best in class IT infrastructure in the organization, CIOs are looking for highly secured and efficient one-stop infrastructure management solution that can deliver high-end results.

DMX India, a subsidiary of Hong Cong based DMX Technologies, provides integrated Software IT solutions to enable customers to optimize their IT operations and deliver enhanced services to their end users. In a candid interaction with CXO Today, Satish Kumar V, Country Head at DMX India, highlights the latest trends in the end-to-end IT infrastructure management solutions business and market growth prospects in this business domain.

What are the latest trends in end-to-end IT infrastructure management solutions business in the Indian enterprise segment?

Cloud, big data, IT convergence, heterogeneous vendor environment across distributed locations are bringing to the fore the need for end-to-end IT infrastructure management solutions. Today, most of the companies are opting for cloud as they see certain business potentials in end-to-end IT infrastructure management. It helps businesses in collaborative operations that are highly dependent on distributed and multi-vendor support. It also provides new objectives based on big data analysis etc. Most importantly, an effective infrastructure management can aid in transition of IT role from supporting business to driving business.

What kind of software solutions do you offer to enterprises in India?

DMX India provides software solutions related to IT infrastructure management. Everest IMS is our flagship software offering that comes in various avatars ranging from a basic shrink wrapped standard NMS up to customized solutions built over the framework to address specific needs of our telecom customers. Our another solution, Webwise is a security information and event management product that aims at enhancing the way IT infrastructure is managed which involves log analysis and various activities for security, compliance, IT governance management and IT operations. Apart from that we have been building expertise in quite a few technologies over the years.

What are the major concerns of CIOs regarding end-to-end IT infrastructure management? How do DMX India’s solutions address those concerns?

CIOs are looking for highly secured and efficient one-stop infrastructure management solution that can deliver high-end results. Some of the key concerns can be building capable IT management to operate IT infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of businesses or may be an ever evolving IT setup that would operate at optimal efficiency without any specific technology or a platform.

Our tailor-made product is just made targeting the pain points. A complete visibility of availability, connectivity and performance of entire IT infrastructure, timely notification and detailed reporting clubbed with role based access control is what Everest IMS brings to the table of CIOs.

DMX India recently shifted its EverestIMS solution to open source platform. What is the rationale behind this move?

Across the industry, enterprises and organizations as such are defining their journey based on the technologies that they understand or believe in. One such trend has been virtualization all the way up to cloud and the other has been open source platforms. So, based on the feedback and inputs that we gather from our clientele and to keep a pace with the trend, we have taken a step forward by moving Everest IMS to open source. It can run on open source technologies like Python, CentOS, PostgreSQL etc. In addition to this being in-line with the customer policy of Open Source IT environment, our product also offers benefits in the form of lesser set-up and maintenance costs, quicker deployment and broader acceptance and support.

What are the advantages of DMX India’s unique approach and innovative solutions? How does your solution portfolio differentiate the company from its competitors?

Our primary offering revolves around the standard shrink wrap product of Everest which is made to meet the need from a wide range of SMBs to Enterprises. We understand our customers and the project objective so that we can deliver the best-in-class solution and service that can be in sync with the customer’s IT roadmap. Along with this, we also offer our Everest framework which is specialized to meet custom need of our customers. This has been primarily targeted at large enterprises, telecos and MNC’s.

What are your key thrust areas in terms of expansion for the year 2016 and onwards?

Our focus will be towards enabling our partners to move to software solution offerings. We would support our partners to strengthen their value offerings to existing customer base with services over our software. Soon, we would offer SaaS models for our solution offerings and open up our NoC facility (along with Everest IMS) to partners to help them roll out managed services to their client base.